Smoky Eye Quick-N-Easy Tutorial!

If you know me, you know that I like to keep it simple and have little to no time on putting on make up on a daily basis. BUT that does not mean I don't like to do a little something special when I get the chance to get dressed up and go out for … Continue reading Smoky Eye Quick-N-Easy Tutorial!


My Maternity Must Haves!!

If there is one thing that is consistent between multiple pregnancies is that they are definitely inconsistent with each other. What you went through in one pregnancy will almost never be your experience with the others. It is, I guess life's way of preparing you for parenthood where as soon as you learn the ropes … Continue reading My Maternity Must Haves!!

Charu’s rambling: Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere

I was cyber bullied last Christmas. And it was when I was defending someone else. It was the first time I realized what bullying can do to someone, if they are not mentally and socially prepared to handle it. Here is what happened - I am part of a Facebook community of people looking to … Continue reading Charu’s rambling: Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere