Styling for that Mom Life!

So much of my wardrobe went through an overhaul when I became a mom. All of a sudden things didn't fit as they used to and I had no time to go shop for clothes that would flatter me. My skin looked different, my eyes had a ton of dark circles and my hair that … Continue reading Styling for that Mom Life!


Fashion Friday – Multi-purpose outfits

I am all about an outfit that I can wear multiple ways! It could be a work appropriate day outfit and then transition into one that I can wear on an evening out with friends or a date night with the hubby! It was one of those days recently, where after a work-day, we were … Continue reading Fashion Friday – Multi-purpose outfits

Charu’s rambling: Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere

I was cyber bullied last Christmas. And it was when I was defending someone else. It was the first time I realized what bullying can do to someone, if they are not mentally and socially prepared to handle it. Here is what happened - I am part of a Facebook community of people looking to … Continue reading Charu’s rambling: Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere