Its All About Perspective…

Do you find yourself constantly being schooled by your kids? I seriously feel like the only reason I live a somewhat disciplined life is because my kids are watching. Watching to see if I am this responsible adult! Jeez! I don’t think I was ready to be an adult. I still rely on the constant approval of my parents and quite honestly don’t like to follow half the rules I lay down for my kids. No cookies before meals?! That is just not a fair rule to expect to be followed if they are sitting in the pantry calling my name. Right?

Anyway, I digress…. I was standing in my kitchen rolling out parathas (think stuffed, whole wheat and a much yummier version of tortillas) for lunch and my eldest (who btw is going to make some woman extremely happy some day) abandons the toy he was playing with because he wants to help me make lunch. Like really, I sometimes wonder how he got to be this way. I blame him for wanting me to have multiple kids because he made it seem so easy!

Growing up in India, it is a well known fact that the best rotis/parathas are supposed to be round. For the better part of my adulthood, during attempts at making these magical round parathas, I literally could dole out lessons in shapes cause mine were always every shape other than round! I would cheat and use the help of bowls to cut out the dough so it looked like I rolled out the perfectly round paratha that always eluded me. So after several years and many many practice parathas later, I can finally say that mine are pretty darned round now. As I watch A stand next to me with his own rolling pin and ball of dough that he is attempting to roll, he rolls the dough out in the shape of a fantastic egg. It’s an awesome oval but nowhere close to the cool circle I just rolled out. He looks over at me and says “Mom, I am pretty good at rolling out these egg shapes. I make some good ovals. And you are really good at the circles.” I am standing there feeling really good right now (you know how I said I love the approval even when it comes from my four-year-old – sometimes especially when it comes from my four year old). I continue to roll and nod and listen to him opine about the shape of this paratha. And then he says “It takes a lot of hard work mom to make this egg shape….don’t worry you will get there too, you will just have to try harder.”


Aw, there he goes again schooling me on the amazing value of having a great perspective! Love having him in my life to keep my feet on the ground and always keeping it real. Regardless of the shape though, put butter on any of those amazing stuffed parathas and they are delicious!! Nomnom….

What are some things that you have learnt to view differently when looking from the eyes of your kid? Leave a comment below and share with us.



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