You Do You – Because You are ENOUGH

When I had my babies, I quit my job to be a full time stay at home mama. It didn’t happen right-away. When my first was 10 months old and started to talk and walk, I decided to stay home so I could go along with him for this amazing ride.

I loved my job and I had a pretty awesome career. I was all about the next milestone at work, the next promotion, the next big challenge. I thrived on that adrenaline rush. But it was as though a switch was flipped once I had A. Suddenly none of those things mattered anymore – watching him, holding him and just snuggling with him gave me this warm feeling that made me content.

Today, a lot of people ask me if I miss work – miss having that time where it is about me and what I do to advance my goals. And while I miss being able to get up, get dressed and go out and achieve my ambitions, there is nothing that I would trade for this time that I have got with my first and then my second born. I think that we made the best decision that worked for me and for our family.  As they grow older, and need me less and less (or so I think) and will start full time school soon, I have started to think about and take baby steps towards making my way back into industry.


Snuggling with A & K is the absolute best thing in the world!

BUT oh the guilt! I am always filled with so much anguish as I apply to or interview for positions in the industry. So many thoughts about how I will miss out on this time that I now have with them. Sometimes I think it would have been easier had I never tasted this sweet fruit of unlimited time with them for the last three years. I really need to put on my big girl pants though and ride past that wave of emotion that hits me cause no matter when I decide to go back to work – it will be hard to leave their sweet faces behind.  But I know that as a family we are strong and we will rise to this new phase of life too. My sons tell me now – mom, don’t worry, we will be ok!

For all you moms that made a choice – a choice to stay at home and be a full time mom to your kid(s), a choice to go back to work so that you can give your babies a bright, secure future, a choice to work from home so you can balance the best of both the worlds – we are all struggling to make it work, to feel like we are doing everything we possibly can to make everyone happy. I want to just tell all of us moms out there – we are ENOUGH. You are ENOUGH. No matter what choices you make – you have to know that you will always be exactly what your babies want and need.

Tell us your story – your journey. We would love to hear how you navigated motherhood and found your balance. Leave us a comment below or send us a message if you want to share anonymously.



4 thoughts on “You Do You – Because You are ENOUGH

  1. I work from home and I still feel the need to check on Advait who is like in the next room. I do it every ten mins probably and still feel I am missing time with him. What if I miss when he takes his first solo step… what’s the big deal some would say but man is it tough… I know exactly what u r saying Mamta… these r very very tough decisions I lose sleep over putting him in day care… ciao gtg check on him 🙂

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    • You are doing an awesome job, Geetali! Advait, will grow up watching his mom be great at everything she does. He knows he is loved and you should know that are everything he needs you to be right now. xoxo


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