Last Minute Gift Ideas – to Celebrate Father’s Day!!

Father’s Day is coming up, girls!! I don’t know about you but I always struggle to buy presents for my husband. I feel he is quick to buy anything he needs or if it is on a wish list then it is because it is obnoxiously out of reach to buy (for good reason too and it should probably stay on that list forever!). He has been on my s*** list several times because I have hunted high and low and driven half way across the city to buy him the one thing he really wanted only to find out that he already bought it for himself! Yep, it has happened on one too many occasions.


To the ones who are always there to teach them to walk, let them fly and catch them when they fall.

This year, I actually have done pretty well and have my husband’s, my dad’s and my father in law’s presents ready to go. I would totally share with you all what these are but both my father and my hubby are avid readers and sharer of my blog (another reason why I love them so much, forever my cheerleaders), and don’t want to ruin their surprise. So, for all of you girls out there who maybe wondering what to buy for your special partner in crime who is helping you raise those little humans at home or your own super hero dad, you have come to the right place. I have rounded up a list of presents for your own dad and your hubby! And I will do you one better – all of these can be bought on Amazon (what can I say, I am a big fan of 2-day free shipping on Amazon Prime). You can check off the Father’s Day present from your list with a super easy single click!!

The Simple and Sentimental Presents

  1. This super simple and classic Best Dad Ever T-shirt works for both your husband and your dad too!
  2. I have done one similar to this Super Dad T-Shirt one a couple years ago and it is just perfect for those super heros in your life! It works even better if he is into super heroes!
  3. This pack of 2 pairs of socks is super cute! Each set has one pair of the #1 DAD socks and a second pair to celebrate one of Dad’s interests, hobbies or favorite food!! I am eyeing the bike socks for mine!
  4. Here is something for those whiskey connoisseurs. I have given these whiskey stones to my dad in the recent past and he loves them. Such a great way to enjoy your scotch cold without watering it down. If he has his own man cave or loves to entertain his friends, this is a perfect little addition to his own bar.
  5. This keychain is just such a sweet fathers’ day present from a daughter to her father! For those who couldn’t jump on a super personalized present in time and are still looking for something sweet and sentimental from your lil girl to her dad this is just in the right spot for the two-day shipping semi personalized present!
  6. Each year, I also gift a book from the kids to their dad. Here are a couple that we have done in the past and the kids love reading it with him! I love you, Daddy and Just Me and My Dad continue to be their favorite books to read with him on Fathers Day!
  7. On the Lighter Side – My husband and I are always on the opposite sentiment for presents and cards. I love the sappy sentimental stuff and he is all about the funny, goofy things that make him crack up. So if you have one who has a slightly silly sense of humor this coffee mug is perfect for him.
  8. Do you have a Star Wars Fan who you are celebrating? Here is some cool Star Wars paraphernalia that will definitely make his smile.
  • These millennium falcon cufflinks, because there is no reason why you    can’t wear your Star Wars pride even when you are dressed for work.
  • Or a Star Wars themed light humor coffee mug for his morning pick me up.
  • There are also a couple really fun and classic Star Wars T’s, here and here which are super easy and fun!
  1. For a techie or geeky special someone in your life, here are a few great ideas!
  • You can get him a Tshirt which he will definitely love! Mine loves to wear his geek badge with pride!
  • You cannot go wrong with the Amazon Echo Dot. It is a great price point and really is super cool! We have one and we use it to make lists, play music set timers and add items to our calendar. My husband has ours set up to even turn the lights on and off! (See why I said I have a techie in my house!). They are honestly such a great source of entertainment for the kids too! My kids use it to play music of their choice, ask it to tell them jokes (yep! They get tickled pink and are always guffawing regardless of if they understand the joke or not!). You can also ask it to tell you random facts and it is amazing how much I learn from my kids conversations with our Alexa.
  • It is summer time and you know you need some great music when you are outdoors at the beach or hanging out with your friends in your backyard. This bluetooth speaker is perfect if your man likes his music regardless of where he is lounging!
  1. For the original grill-master at your home who loves barbecuing in this great weather, there are some cool toys out there which he might like!
  • This grill set comes highly recommended with over a 1000 – 4.5 star reviews and has its own case to keep all the stuff together and neatly put away.
  • Or you can get him his set of spices!
  1. My husband loves doing projects around the house and he is always asking me to give him stiff to fix or renovate. I have started getting him things to fuel this hobby and if you have a Fixer dad in your life who is handy and loves his tools, here are a few suggestions!
  • This keychain is so simple and cute and really is just such a nice present from the kids to their dad or even grandfather.
  • Here’s another tshirt which would work for granddads and I love the light humor that comes with it too!
  • This is just such a practical present for your man! Bonus that you don’t have to keep handing stuff to him when he trying to fix something that is high up!
  1. As I was scrolling through to find presents, these caught my eye and they are just too cute for the New Dads celebrating their first father’s day! You can buy one for your kid and the other for your hubby and that’s one super cute photo op right there!



Love that has no bounds!

  1. Let’s not forget the Grand Fathers! They are the ones who are such strong role models and although both my father and my father in law live in different countries from us, they both are such loving and supportive father figures to our kids! Cannot thank them enough!! A lot of the presents that I have listed above can be from the kids to their grand dads like I mentioned before. But, if you are looking for something really specific for those awesome grandfathers in your kids lives, here is a cute t-shirt and a reserved for grandpa parking sign!


  1. If you are looking for something which is unique and comes with the bonus life lesson that teaches your kids at a really young age to give back, here are a couple that we have done in the past:
  • You could also reserve a day of giving for the daddy and his little ones. It could be a few hours spent volunteering at a local charity of your choice or donate to a foundation of your choice
  • The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic well being, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster. Honor the dads in your life with your purchase of Rescue Gifts – these presents can help brave and loving fathers rebuild their homes and communities after a disaster; keep their families safe; give their sons and daughters an education; and prepare warm meals for their loved ones. Go to their website to select a rescue gift from their Fathers Day collection.

None of these links are sponsored. We just wanted to share some of these ideas with you and help you save time and take some stress off of that last minute shopping! Comment below, and tell us if you bought anything from our list and how you celebrated the special dad in your life – whether it is your husband, your father or another father figure in your life who you would like to honor. We would love to hear from you!









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