To a Fun & Safe Summer!!

Summer is finally here!! It’s popsicles, ice-cream and pool time!! It is also probably the time where a lot of you are planning getaways to the beach or somewhere pool side. While a lot of fun, summer can be very daunting too trying to keep our little ones safe and hydrated. Pre-kid, summer time for my husband and I meant lazing at the pool, with drinks, finger food, and a good book! I could finish a whole book cover to cover! Post kid – it is another kind of fun. Relaxing at the pool has now been replaced by splashing in the water and playing water games with our almost three-year-old. But it also comes with a little bit of stress and paranoia. Why? Because neither my husband nor I is a good swimmer! We can’t swim to save our lives let alone our little one’s. Obviously, having a lifeguard is a must while selecting the location but we are constantly looking for better swim gear to keep her safe even while we continue to hover around her. With increased stories about drowning as summer gets closer, her safety is always on the top of our mind. The poor kid is constantly enduring new product research that we are trying on her (haha!). In our constant search for the best water safety products I have rounded up some safety products that I am hoping you too will find useful for those fun days by the pool or beach.

Deluxe tot trainer

Picture of the product in package.

We tried several swim-safety products – the puddle jumper, baby swim float, life vest – you name it and we tried it. Float was too small for her once she turned one, the puddle jumper was too constricting for her, and life vest was just too big (my little ones is petite) and she would float out of it. Then by complete accident, we stumbled upon a very cool product which has been a life saver, for us and our daughter (pun intended)! It is called the Deluxe Tot Trainer. It is so amazing that every time we have used it at the pool, we have had people ask us about it and the best part is that it is only $14.99. It is something she enjoys wearing and gives mommy and daddy some peace of mind knowing she is safe. In the simplest of terms it is a cross between a life jacket and a floatation tube. The floatation tube is stitched into the rash guard which she can wear (and is a perfect fit for her, halleluiah!!), while keeping her hands and feet independent to propel herself, swim and enjoy at the pool. It is a great learning device for slightly older toddlers aged between 2-4 years, who can practice hand and leg coordination in water. Swimming at the pool is once again relaxing and enjoyable, the Deluxe Tot Trainer has taken the worry out of swimming with our toddler for us. Obviously, we are still in water with her, but it now allows her more freedom and has given her more confidence to practice her kicks and strokes. Here are my husband and daughter cooling off in the pool in Palm Springs. Not holding her in the pool was definitely a first for him!! HImanshuNammoswim.pngI highly recommend this to anyone looking for safe pool gear for kids. (Disclaimer: This was just my personal experience which I felt might be useful to others in the same boat as me. Please supervise kids at all times and test all products on your children for adjustments for height and weight.)

Another product we find extremely useful in this hot weather is a good sunscreen. Personally, I am all about chemical-free, safe-for-kid’s products. After doing a ton of research, I landed on ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen. It has a very good EWG safe rating and lasts long time in water. Obviously, needs to be re-applied 3-4 hours after being in water. This is primarily why my daughter’s skin did not burn even in 100F+ weather. (Disclaimer: EWG continuously updates its research, so check their website for the latest information)

Lastly, to help prevent heatstroke, I prepare a hydrating drink, sure to refuel you of all your nutrients. My mom used to make this for us growing up and was my absolute favorite and helped me survive the 110-120 F heat of New Delhi. It is a tried and tested recipe handed down through generations. I may even do a recipe video for you all if there is enough interest!

What are some things you do to make summers more enjoyable and safe? Share your discoveries with us. And lastly, be safe everyone, because safety first is the best principle while having fun!

PS: None of the products are sponsored, just wanted to share some of our safety gear discoveries that make summer fun and tad less stressful with little ones too close to the water.




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