Girl’s Night – Fashion Friday

Last night, I went out for the much awaited and long overdue girl’s night with a few of my favorites!! Who else out here thinks that girl’s night is just the kind of therapy you need after a long day of chasing your littles?? I am pretty sure I am not alone here!! It was the perfect evening – the restaurant was awesome; the drinks were exactly what we needed (we definitely underestimated ourselves but there is always next time to up the game). BUT most importantly the conversations just flowed…. we moved from one topic to another and everything just segued like a well written play.

If you are a stay at home mom like me, nights like this are the perfect opportunity to dress up! I spend my days in athleisure clothes which are usually stained with whatever the kids have been eating or something that I most likely spilled on myself. So, when I get the opportunity to go out, kid free, I LOVE to dress up! Last evening, I kept it simple but I loved how everything just played so well together. Here are is my outfit from Girl’s Night! Tell me what you think! My co-blogger, Charu told me to take a picture before I left and I need to start getting better at it if I want to share some of my style finds with you all! Usually it’s a dress and dash kinda event in the Chaurdia house…. I am ALWAYS running late!! And never build in enough buffer time for the last minute hugs and kisses and love you’s! Anyway, I digress, since I did manage to take a picture this time, I figured I would give you all a sneak peek of what Girls Night looked like (affiliate links)!

Mamta  Fashion Friday.jpg

The skirt is from Gap and I bought it on a super sale last year ($9, I think). It is really lightweight fabric and I love that I can dress it up or down. I wore this all day with a really casual t-shirt at home that day and was very lucky that no one dropped anything on it because I had 15 minutes to get ready before I left and all I did was change into the yellow tank and put on some makeup and accessories!

I searched to see if it was still available and I couldn’t find it, maybe they don’t sell that one anymore. I found this one which is on 40% off right now and has a cute pin dot pattern. And here is another one that has a really interesting hemline and looks so soft and comfortable at a great price point too! I am all about getting a good deal and looking good while doing it! I am loving the eyelet lace pattern on this one!

I love this tank and it was actually a present from my cousin who lives in India. This color just really goes so well with my complexion and it is so light and airy! Perfect for the super hot day we were having over here! You can find a similar shell here and here! I usually like pairing a nice pop of color with something basic to pull the outfit together. Moreover, I am truly in love with the color yellow, coral and mint for spring and summer. They all pair so well with the basic greys, white and navy bottoms. Also, Gap is running a 40% off sale right now and it might be the perfect time to pick up the skirt and tank if you like it!

The sandals are just super fun! I am loving the pom pom and tassel trend this season! These are the Madden Girl Sandals that I picked up from DSW but are also available on Amazon. Btw, another store that I absolutely am obsessed with! They have all the brands and so many shoes all at a great price! I bought these when they were also on sale and am pretty sure I am going to be wearing it with a lot of my summer dresses and even shorts!

What are some of your favorite trends this season? It is definitely getting hot over here and the summer dresses and sandals are here to stay!! Did you like this post? We are contemplating doing one of these on a weekly basis if there is enough interest and would love to hear what you think!



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