When the child makes the father…

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there!

I feel truly blessed to have great men who are such amazing role models in my life. Starting with my dad, who did not care what the society around him said and brought up his daughters to be furiously independent, successful and progressive with a mind of their own. Being the youngest of the three, I was a pampered brat 🙂 which also meant, I never learnt the word impossible. Growing up, I fought with him, questioned him and challenged him but he patiently answered all my questions and encouraged me to achieve my dreams. Love you papa .

Thanks to my husband, I also met my father-in-law and uncles-in-law (my mom-in-law’s brothers). These men have truly re-defined the meaning of in-laws. My father-in-law says that we (my sister-in-law and I) are the daughters he never had but always longed for. And, true to his word, he has pampered us as his daughters. My uncles-in-law are just adorable, always on my side and cheering for me. In their eyes, I can do no wrong (haha!! Too bad for my husband, Himanshu!). I have been showered with so much love that I feel really really lucky to have them in my life.

Happy Fathers day

Daddy day-care

Last but definitely not the least, my partner in crime, my dear husband. From being a very caring boyfriend to a supportive husband to a progressive and engaged father, he has taken on every role with so much enthusiasm. He is not perfect and does not pretend to know it all! What I love about him is that he is the first one to acknowledge if he doesn’t know something and asks for help. He has been the one to challenge me everyday to be my best, to be a better version of me from yesterday and has stood by me like a rock through the 10 years we have been together (whoa, that went by fast!). He is also an amazing dad to our little daughter. I don’t have words to describe the kind of father he is, so I want to share with you an email he wrote to our daughter a day before her first day at her day care. Have a tissue-box ready everyone :), don’t say I didn’t warn you!

– Charu

 Hi my lovely little N!

Tomorrow, we take you to XX Day School for your day care, pre-start, school visit. WooHoo! Your mommy and I are both excited and nervous at the same time. Going to day care will be the first time you will be at a place where there will be no family (including D Aunty, your nanny, she is as much your family as the rest of us) within 5 feet of you. Mommy and I are helicopter (always hovering around) parents, and I tell you, I feel no shame in telling you that atleast for your first few days in day care, I will be working from a coffee shop near school, just in case you need Papa. I love you my doll! You are our precious little doll, and tomorrow is the ‘first of many firsts’ that will see you achieve the highest honors and accolades.

P.S. – your mom and I are, and will be always your biggest fans. But I know, that especially I, will also at times be your biggest liability. I know I will always try to overprotect you from the world and all the hurt and dangers that lurk. I will likely always try and pull you back from experiences which may help you grow but are not 100% ‘safe’. Here’s is my advice – fight me, challenge me, debate me. But also, always love me and mom – because we love you. More and more everyday. You are our star!



6 thoughts on “When the child makes the father…

  1. So beautiful Charu…. That email over shadowed your post 😂 loved it. Love the idea. I might start something like that….I have been planning to make a keep safe box for both the girls. Including things like their first outfit… Hospital tags… Some letters along the way….. I haven’t​ got around it but will do it soon 😂

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