Honey, lets raise your immunity!

Another new beginning everyone! Mamta and I are starting our video blog series!!! We are super excited and nervous. It is indeed very strange to see yourself on camera so need all your love and support!
This week, I am featuring a home remedy passed on through generations in my family to fight the common cold and cough. I am someone who avoids medications if I can. And if you have a little one at home like me, who is really susceptible to cold and cough very easily, this recipe will be perfect for you, especially, because most pediatricians advise against medications for cough and cold up to the age of six. The best part about this recipe is that the ingredients used are all natural and easily available at your local grocery store! You can use this concoction twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. So here we go.


Hope you enjoyed this first video blog. If your child is under the age of one, you can eliminate honey from the recipe and keep all the other ingredients the same.Let us know if you would like more of these going forward, and share and comment! Lastly, as I mentioned in my video, if you prepare a modified version of this recipe in your home, let us know in a comment below! We would love to hear and learn from you!
Disclaimer: As always, follow your mommy instinct and check for allergies or allergic reactions before you try anything new with your kids. This home remedy works best when given as soon as the symptoms start and if given consistently. If your child is showing excessive signs of cough and has trouble breathing please see your doctor! We are not certified medical professionals and this home remedy is NOT meant as a substitute for doctor’s orders!
– Charu

6 thoughts on “Honey, lets raise your immunity!

  1. Hey.. I have been using this recipe since 3 years for myself n my family. I do add a couple drops of lime for vitamin C, cinnamon pwd as its anti inflammatory and black pepper pwd as its antibacterial. I swear by it and just yesterday I gave this to my 19mo daughter thrice a day and she threw up a lot of phlegm.

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  2. Very useful remedy for cold, sore throat etc. You mentioned Milk and turmeric drink which I still have during cold. I give our LO a similar medication with little twist… I use dry ginger powder with honey and he eats it without any hesitation.. ( honey does the trick!!).

    Looking forward for more posts and videos!!

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