Of Pinstripes & Mom Buns – Fashion Friday

It’s Fashion Friday, you guys!! Since you all were so kind to me last week, I feel I can be brave enough to share another one of my outfits with you. I have to say I was extremely nervous sharing my first one with you all but absolutely humbled by all your support and love! THANK YOU so much!!

A few days ago, we took the boys to the local carnival and as always, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off before we had to go. Making sure they had eaten dinner because we all know that once the kids are at a carnival, there is no real food they are going to eat other than funnel cakes and cotton candy. Let’s face it, those are all I want to eat at the carnival too and I am a grown adult who should have better judgement than that (ugh, who am I kidding?!) Anyway, I had no time to change into something more practical for a carnival and up went the hair in a mom bun! But, I did get a mom win, in all that scatter brained behavior I did not forget to snag a picture before we left! And boy, am I glad I did, the dress was not the same color when we returned…at all!

Fashion Friday Mamta.jpg So, I have had this dress now for a couple years and I love the pin stripes! It is perfect for a casual back yard party and also for a grocery run depending on how you dress it up or down. In fact, I might even wear to a July 4th backyard barbecue with the Red, White and Blue! (Affiliate links below.)

Like I already told you in my previous Fashion Friday post, I love a good bargain and I snagged this at a local Marshalls couple years ago.  While I can’t promise that you will find it the same one this year, they do have some cute pinstripe dresses, tops and even a bathing suit in store right now. I did some online research and found a few similar options here, here and here.

I seriously LOVE my shoreline converse shoes!!! I wear them ALL THE TIME, in the spring and summer and on the not so cold Fall days too. They are so comfy and are perfect when you have kids who you are constantly chasing! I am all for wearing heels (I always say, style before comfort, when it comes to shoes) but when you can get style and comfort you will not catch me turning a blind eye towards that! These exact ones are from Nordstrom, I bought them maybe two years ago and you can find a very similar pair at Nordstrom right now. These in burgundy are just so perfect for pairing with a pair of white shorts and a steal at 40% off at Nordstrom right now You can also find a bunch of different colors in a similar style at your local DSW, these are very similar to what I am wearing in the picture. DSW kicked off their up to 70% off sale just yesterday along with triple points on every purchase if you are a DSW member (clearly, I am) and Nordstrom has some at almost 40% off on a ton of shoes. Perfect time to snag a pair or two!

The sunglasses I am wearing are my current favorites and I seriously have received so many compliments on these that I gifted one pair to my sister and am tempted to buy another one in a different color! They are from Diff Eyewear and mine are the Cruz in the gold frame and blue lens. I love that for every pair of sunglasses that you buy from them they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need through their buy one, give one program. Here is a link to my exact sunglasses!

The carnival was a success for everyone except my comfy white and blue pinstripe dress. Who wears white to a carnival in the middle of a dirt field – this girl that’s who (smh). It needed a generous dose of stain remover to get some of those grimy black and brown spots from sitting on the rides and picking up my two year old! But, you know what, dresses will come and go, the smiles on the kids dirt covered faces were priceless!!




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