A *Peary* Good Fashion Friday

Funny story to this week’s feature – I casually mentioned to my sister that this week’s Fashion Friday was being authored by me and her first response was shock followed by amusement. Her first question was, “How can YOU write fashion Friday, what do you know about fashion?.” Dear, big sis, challenge accepted!! Just kidding though, let’s just say I have set some very low expectations here at home! I am not considered the “typical” fashionista. I don’t really follow the latest fashion trends nor am I aware about trending fashion brands. My husband, on the other hand, is certainly more aware of these than I am. I owe a lot of my current wardrobe to him and his awareness of the fashion industry. I can’t wait to see what he thinks about this feature as well!

Last Friday was my turn to go for a girl’s night out – long overdue and well deserved for sure! And my dear husband had just helped me pick out some summer dresses. So I decided to try these out. Like I said, I don’t consider myself to be on point with my style sense but I sent a picture of my outfit to Mamta and she asked me to go for it. Here I am.

Charu FAShion Friday

A first of a different kind!

I have a pear shaped body type (shout out to the chicas rocking the pear-shape!!), and with my recent focus on getting healthier and stronger, I like to flaunt my “starting to tone” arms. After all, I have been working hard at those! Anyway I digress, the dress does a good job highlighting my body shape and it was such a steal (affiliate links)!  I bought this one from Old Navy for less than $20. And here is another really cute one in a few different colors. They also have a ton of other dresses for $8 right now! If there ever was a time to stock up on those cute summer dresses, this is it!

While I went simple with the dress, I wanted something slightly more stylish for my shoes and chose these heels instead of flats to dress it up a little bit. I bought these at Nordstrom a few years ago. Not sure my specific shoes are still available in store. But you could pair this dress with a pair of red heels such as these if you are trying to match or if you are trying to add a pop of a contrasting color, try this one to make a statement. This ensemble was meant for a cozy comfy ladies night at a friend’s house with amazing Indian street food. So I knew I would not be wearing these high heels for hours, but if you are not in the mood for high-heels, you could also try these or this one. I am all about comfort before style (haha!!) unlike my co-blogger, Mamta confessed in her Fashion Friday.

As for the hair, this is one of the few areas I am blessed in. These are my natural curls and thank goodness for that because I definitely don’t have time to curl my hair. And after putting my little one to bed, I had 10 minutes to get ready. I had forgotten to wash my hair that day (sounds familiar?), so I just wet my hair as I washed my face and then dabbed my hair with this curl enhancing mousse.

The lipstick, not sure if it is visible in the picture, was the oomph I wanted to carry that day. It is this one from MAC. MAC is one brand which is available in many countries including UK, India and Australia so it should not be too hard to find. If you wanted to go more neutral then this is another alternative that you could try.

When my fellow blogger friend Mamta convinced me to take a picture that day, I was dead sure that I won’t be using it ever, let alone write a Fashion Friday on it. I am being brave here, so looking for all of your love. Since I am feeling bold enough to share fashion advice, here is my fashion mantra that has held me in good stead – be comfy, go with your gut and create your own style, who knows, you may start your own trend!

Don’t forget to comment below and share with us what you liked about my girls night out outfit! If there are specific items that you would like us to talk about more, feel free to let us know!





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