Holly Singer Dignen – Woman Owned Wednesday

These are some of my favorite pieces to write – the ones where I get to share with you an awesome women kicking butt at raising their families and finding ways to chase their passion! IMG_4490.jpgThis week, we are talking about Holly Singer Dignen, a stay at home mom to an adorable little three-year-old boy, who recently turned her passion for crafts into a business. She is one of those extremely positive and happy people who I love surrounding myself with. I was fortunate to meet Holly in person recently and she is funny, kind and such an uplifting individual! Holly conceptualized her own crafting store and owns Dignen Designs.

We asked Holly to share a little bit aboutFullSizeRender.jpg herself and her business and this is what she had to say: “I love to craft and create beautiful and unique items for others. I have been drawing and crafting since I was three years old. A picture I drew and painted when I was 8, is in the Children’s Art Museum in Philadelphia. Prior to becoming a mom, I taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade. I loved teaching and spending time with children. Most children love arts and crafts, and I’m thankful my son is one of them. I get to share my passion with him. Anyway, I’d love for anyone interested in personalized crafts, water bottles, wine glasses, tee-shirts, and etc. to check out “Dignen Designs” on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love a like and a follow!”


Check out Holly’s amazing products!

I love DIY crafts and presents but don’t always have the time to make them. So when it comes time to gift friends and family with something personal, I am always looking for the unique hand-made custom items. This is where Holly and Dignen Designs can come to my rescue and yours too! Next time, you are looking for a personalized present for the special folks in your life go check out Holly’s page and I have no doubt that she will come through for you!



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