Sonul Vaghela Mahendra – Woman Owned Wednesday

Sonul.jpgThis week’s WOW woman is Sonul Vaghela Mahendra. A lot of you may know her as the mom who started the Facebook community, “Brown Mommies Unite”. What started in 2012 as a group of friends getting together in the US to support each other as new mommies, has now transformed into a growing worldwide community of 55K+ South-Asian moms around the globe, supporting, encouraging and learning from each other. This powerful online community has become a forum for all things motherhood related. I am a member of this forum myself, seeking help so many times! Sonul, single-handedly manages this large and growing community, encouraging positivity and weeding out any negative influences. It is hard to be a moderator across so many diverse and disparate opinions and yet provide the liberty for all moms to express their opinion on it without feeling judged. The Facebook group is an invitation only group where existing members can invite their mommy friends to join. BMU does not focus on the quantity of members, but the exclusiveness of being a South Asian mom. The group serves as a tight knit village as we all know that “It Takes a Village” to raise a child. With BMU, South Asian moms have their village at their fingertips. Sonul has remained the single admin of the group to keep the integrity of the group whole and focused. BMU has assisted mothers for 5 years and Sonul hopes to continue to serve the community indefinitely.

In addition to managing this community, and being a SAHM to her 4 year old jedi/power ranger/super hero son, Sonul also runs her own home based event planning business, Perfectly by Sonul. Perfectly by Sonul, focuses on custom event planning/designing and makes handmade goods to complete your signature event.

Formerly a Kindergarten teacher, Sonul uses her creative skills to design, customize, personalize, and create one of a kind, themed party packages. She specializes in custom party decor for children’s events making them unique, perfect, and a day to remember! Each event brings new ideas, and every paper flower, fan, and banner made by Sonul is one that makes her proud to put a smile on a child’s face and create vibrant, lifelong memories for families. Check out Sonul’s business page for all her work: Perfectly by Sonul.  Although her business is local to Chicago she also ships her products within the United States.

It amazes me how through it all of this, Sonul continues to juggle raising a little boy and managing a family. BMU has come full circle in the Mahendra household. Sonul, alongside her endlessly supportive husband Akhil, encourage their son to pay it forward, serve the community, and help others. Through Brown Mommies Unite, Sonul has impacted so many moms and does not hesitate to mobilize this group to support a mom in need. Her impact has been so profound on many new moms like me who are raising their children in a place that they did not grow up in. And through Perfectly, she has given wings to her dreams and creates truly unique experiences. Sonul, you are truly a WOW woman!!

– Charu


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