Knock Knock – It’s a DIY Wreath!

I am so not a crafty or creative person, you guys! I joke about how I don’t have a single creative bone in my body. I was the girl that would sit through math and science classes with rapt attention but when it came time for our art class, I would skip out and have my best friend help me meet my quota of 10 personally created art sheets to pass the class! Somewhere along the way, I lost my way (or should I say, found my way) and stumbled upon the very amazing (and as I sometimes say, very evil) app called Pinterest! If you are not on it, you should be, yes I am peer pressuring you into this web of amazingness. It is such a phenomenal idea for crowd sourcing! Basically, you find something super cool that you like – this could be anything literally ANYTHING – food, party planning, décor, fitness, make up, you name it and someone has already researched it and found an awesome idea for it.

Although, it takes the originality and creativity out of everything, but it works for someone like me. For example, here I can find a neat idea which has been tried and tested and make it into something that is my own. Now, I don’t always succeed (that would be too easy), also because I like to experiment and like I said make it my own. My favorites are the DIY home décor pieces. I love personalizing our space and am always looking for different items to freshen our home up and give it our own unique touch.

One of the projects that I started with because it looked like something I wouldn’t be able to mess up entirely was making a spring/summer wreath from scratch. I waited very patiently to do this because to be honest you can find a really pretty and professionally done wreath on Etsy or at the craft store if you are willing to pay the $ for it. They are sometimes reasonably priced too if you can find one on a great deal but I was determined to do this myself. I did this before I ever envisioned sharing this in a public space like this and hence do not have step by step pictures but here are some of the start and the finished product. I was very patient in collecting all the materials because buying everything at full price would basically negate the cost effectiveness of making it myself. I figured out what I wanted it to look like (thank you, Pinterest and contributors to this awesome app) and then waited for the materials to be available at a price that was basically a steal! I LOVE bargain hunting and purchasing what I am looking for at an awesome price is part of the thrill for me! So, basically once I had all of my materials at the price that I wanted to pay for them (Who knew I could be this patient!) I started to lay it out and create my own unique spring/summer wreath. Here is what the finished project looks like and some images and directions to create it!

  1. BurlapBurlap
  2. Glue gun
  3. Assortment of spring/summer flowers
  4. A wreath frame – you can use a wire frame or a grapevine wreath frameGrapevine Wreath
  5. Wooden letter – we used C for our last name. I went with a medium sized one. You can use a smaller or bigger one based on how you design your wreath.Letter C
Glue Purple FLower

Put some glue on the stem of the flower you want to add in.

I really wanted to use the grapevine wreath instead of the metal one just because I liked the look of that better. In choosing the flower arrangement too, I was torn between a yellow themed arrangement v/s a lavender one and decided to go with the lavender/white and green arrangement.

I basically broke the arrangement up into segments and laid them on the wreath to see how it would look once I started to glue it together. The green foliage was part of the main

Purple Flower Insert

Insert the flower in the spot you want it to go and hold it in so that the glue adheres to the wreath.

arrangement but I broke it out into a segment of its own to give it its own spot.

Once I had laid it out and liked how it looked, things got real! I had to now think about putting hot glue on this baby to make it permanent. I know I make it sound so drastic and it really isn’t.

Anyway, after that it really was about hot glueing this stuff together. Once that was done, I created a bow with the burlap ribbon and used floral ties to tie that into place. Next came the letter and I knew I wanted it off to the side.

Insert twig

Insert the twig of foliage into its spot and then tie the letter using the burlap string.

You can also have it placed in the center but just make sure that you choose a bigger letter if that’s where you want it!

I just have it tied in place with a burlap rope. I loved how it turned out and couldn’t believe that I actually pulled it off (it wasn’t really that hard at all, I was

just amazed I didn’t mess up!)

So, my advice for you, if you do intend to do something like this – Design it first and then go through the building process! After it was done, was the big step of putting it on our door! It was a super windy day and a huge snowstorm was expected – I remember telling Nish that it would not survive the storm and I put it up on the inside of the house until the storm had passed.

It has been about 6 months since I put it up on the outside of the house, and I am happy to report that it is still alive and kicking!! A couple of the stems came loose and I stuck them back on but I’m calling my first DIY a success!! I’m loving it!! And the best part is that it is very easy to switch up seasonally too, if you so choose! Here is what ours looks like after it was finished!

Completed Wreath

The Finished Product!

Tell us what you think of it and if you would like to continue to see some of our braver and more recent DIY endeavors!!




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