Laura Dingman – Woman Owned Wednesday

Motherhood can be such a lonely journey, especially in the first few months so when I was invited to be a part of a moms group, I welcomed the opportunity to “meet” other moms in the same phase as me. This is how I “met’ Laura Dingman, our WOW woman of today’s Woman Owned Wednesday feature. Laura is a mom to 2 amazing little kids and juggles her role of mom, wife, and a cause entrepreneur at One Hope.


In her past life, Laura taught high school Social Studies for ten years before she left her job to move from Pennsylvania to Colorado three years ago. We all know how hard it can be to get back to work when you have little kids let alone having to do that in a new city while you are still trying to get settled. One Hope is perfect for her because not only does she get to drink all that wonderful wine (which btw is much required when you have little kids) but she does it while being able to give back to a cause of her choice! I loved that with One Hope, Laura gets to maintain a work life balance but she also can bring awareness and raise money for multiple causes. The multiple ways in which Laura and her company give back to the community truly impressed me! Laura is actively looking to expand her team. So, if you are looking for a career that is flexible, lucrative and fun all while being able to give back to your community, make sure you reach out to Laura via email at

When Laura first spoke to me about One Hope, I was surprised that I had not heard about it sooner. But once we connected, I knew that One Hope was the perfect partner for Wine and Onesie LLC. Our blog has been about parenthood, women empowerment, fashion, style and a lot of other things but we also very strongly believe in giving back and are so excited that we are able to feature Laura and her company, One Hope. Why, you may ask? It is because at her company with each bottle they sell, 15% of the proceeds are donated to a cause – whether it is autism, supporting our troops, childhood hunger or breast cancer. Each bottle is connected to a specific cause and they take it one step ahead by donating 50% of their total profits as well! Also, let’s not forget, a lot of us are getting through motherhood with the glimmer of hope that a glass of wine (or more) provides to us right after the kids are in bed! So really, they are doing double duty on giving back (I am only half kidding here, lol!).

While I was getting to know more about One Hope, I was amazed at the variety of wines and gift sets. Their wine is created in partnership with the Mondavi family and it is delicious! Laura was kind enough to let me try her Pomegranate Flavored Sparkling Demi Sec and it was everything it promised to be and more. From the packaging to the personal note and the actual wine, I savored everything about it. I could share this delicious present with friends and cannot wait to try some of the other choices.

Go check out their complete line up right here. And you can watch this video to learn more about the journey of One Hope and their dedication to their cause and making an impact!

We plan to host a link on our blog for six weeks and if you decide to purchase any wine using the link, 10% of the profits will be given to a charity in addition to the 15% already attached to each bottle. So, stay tuned for the link that we will be releasing soon! If you know friends who like wine (because, let’s be serious, who doesn’t?), add them to our page so that they can take advantage of this amazing opportunity as well!!



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