Outerbanks 2017

Cannot believe that school is back in session and summer is over! I feel like it only started yesterday. We had such an awesome summer – our big beach trip this year was our very first trip to the Outerbanks. We planned the trip earlier this year with friends and as excited as I was for the summer and the big trip I was also slightly terrified for the long drive we would be undertaking. It is a 7 hour drive with no stops and we all know what that translates to with two kids ages 4 and 2 in the car with you. It is a good thing we had two other families that we were vacationing with – nothing like having good company to commiserate with!

Our family and one other family with us was going to stop for the night in Cape Charles and that was the smartest thing ever! Cape Charles is about 4 hours from home and this meant we had only three more hours to do next morning! We were in Southern Shores by 8:30 AM the next morning and the kids and adults were ready for the beach, sun and summer cocktails!!



We were about 3 miles out from Duck and I loved everything about the little town. It had some of the most awesome little stores that we shopped at, great restaurants where we went out for day dates and a little board walk where we got to try Duck Doughnuts!! I looked through my pictures to see if I had a single picture of the amazing doughnuts. Clearly, I was doing the right thing and inhaling the doughnuts cause they are the best when eaten hot! AHMAZING!

The hubby got a chance to swim in the ocean! The water was a little cold but he didn’t seem to mind.

The beach was an easy 2 min walk down the private access way and there was a pool in house. An easier and more fun vacation we couldn’t have planned. All six kids were like little fish that went from the beach, to pool, then lunch, back to pool, dinner and then falling asleep with no complaints after an awesome day everyday! That little speck you see in the picture is my husband enjoying the waves. Never can I ever say again that he is not a beach person!


My favorite day at the beach though was when my youngest fell asleep on me after jumping in the waves and playing all morning. I sat at the beach with a book, a child that gave me the best snuggles all afternoon and the sound of those waves. A more perfect afternoon could not have been written. The bonus to this was that my oldest who refuses to come into the ocean agreed to take some baby steps into it (we shall convert him one beach trip at a time! haha!!)

All of the kids were so awesome all throughout and up for anything and excited about all the new adventures! We went ghost crab hunting one night and enjoyed lighting some sparklers while we waited for it to get dark. We didn’t really know how many crabs we would spot and the shrieks from the kids and adults alike when we spotted them scurrying around were hilarious!! I for one went running when I thought i felt one scurry too close to me! There is a picture of the ginormous crabs that were literally everywhere! And half of our very brave ghost crab hunting crew. Sparklers at the beach and spotting those crabs was definitely one of the highlights and memories that the kids will remember from this trip for a very long time!


Some great memories made on our trip there! The days that we took a break from the beach or the weather wasn’t at its best (we had a couple of cloudy/rainy days) we shopped and planned other activities! There was so much to do around town. The kids had so much fun mini-golfing with their friends and watching a magic show. The adults got some quality time with a golf outing for the guys and the girls got a couple shopping trips to the quaint stores. We discovered a really nice restaurant on our very last day and our yogi bartender Olivia was awesome! Hopefully we will get to see her again when we go back next year! All three couples went out to dinner one night to Oceanside Boulevard which was amazing too! The ambience, location, food and drinks were all phenomenal. The perfect end to that evening was dessert at Duck Doughnuts! It is a good thing Mary and I biked every morning that we vacationed there. Our best record on the trip was a 7 mile bike ride that took us very close to the second location of Duck Doughnuts (good thing we didn’t realize it was right there!)

The morning after date night I woke up to see the sunrise with my littlest boys thanks to my friend Anna who motivated us to wake up to see this beautiful view!


I am not really a morning person but this view along with quality time with my boys more than made up for the early start! Those little foot prints in the sand get me every single time.


We live so close to the jersey shore that it has been the easy, kid friendly thing to do and will continue to be our go to for the quick weekend getaways. But the Outerbanks was so awesome that it completely won me over despite the distance! I will take the long drive for the mesmerizing views of the ocean and quiet charm of the quaint beach cities any day.

The hubby and I both love to travel and thankfully so do the kids. We are always looking for fun beaches to visit and if we don’t do Outerbanks next year it will probably be another destination we haven’t already been to. I am also a believer of it is not where you go but who you go with. We were so fortunate to be able to go with some awesome friends and build all of these memories! Here’s to making many more!



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