The Kindness Project Date Night!

Date nights are the best, aren’t they?! We look forward to a few hours of escape from the mundane and everyday routine. I love date nights with my hubby but raising two boys has its own share of perks because I get three times as many – one with each of the boys in the house 🙂

This blog is about a different kind of date night that I recently had the pleasure of going on with my four-year-old. A few weeks ago, A and I could go to the monthly Kindness Project event organized by the Pillars of Light and Love in PA. The Birthday Giving Project that we could be a part of is the brain child of Christie Neeld, she was our very first WOW woman on our blog!

My son was super excited when he heard where we were going that evening and already knew who he was going to create a birthday box for – it was going to be four-year-old boy just like him. We started the evening off with going to the local Dollar Tree and he picked out the items that he thought this little kid would love to receive on his birthday. Party favors, candles, a birthday card, cake mix, icing, party decorations and one present that would be put in a birthday bag to be delivered to a four-year-old boy by the volunteers at Pillars of Light and Love.


Once we had all our supplies we headed over to the event where we got to meet so many other kids that were just as excited as mine. The room was charged with so much positivity. Kids that were pumped to create birthday boxes for other children that may not have been able to have a special birthday if it weren’t for the supplies that were being put together for them. It was wonderful watching little kids from ages 4 and above demonstrate this level of empathy and kindness towards families that they have not met before. Each kid created at least one bag with the supplies that had been purchased and the “birthday bag” that was created would then go to kids at shelters that would have otherwise not been able to celebrate their birthday. This group of kids were over the moon knowing that they would be able to make some children very happy by this small gesture. 56 bags were delivered to local shelters where families that are less fortunate can give their child a Birthday party.


It has been one of my favorite activities to do with my four-year-old because I could see how invested he was in this and how much happiness it brought to him as well. When we were done and were driving home he said to me – “Thank you for planning this for us today.”

If you have events such as these in your neighborhood think about how you may be able to engage your kids. It was a rewarding and fulfilling experience and taught me so much about myself as well as my son. We are excited about the next set of events that are going to be planned and I am fortunate to have found a positive influencer like Christie who I can follow to continue to learn more about myself and my kids!




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