Labor Day Camping Vacay!

IMG_1194This past Labor Day the we went away to Maryland for a camping trip very close to Assateague. The weather was supposed to be gorgeous but in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and with Irma on its way, it ended up being a wet, cold and rainy couple of days. Given the weather that weekend, I wore my bathing suit (since the campground had a waterpark and a pool) and was hoping for the best but also had my flannel shirt on the ready to be prepared for the worst. This is the outfit version of my optimist and yet realistic self! If you like what I am wearing, you can find all the pieces here (affiliate links) – Leggings / Bathing Suit / Flannel Shirt

IMG_1195Neither my husband nor I are avid campers and this was our second time camping as a family. We love being able to expose the kids and us to different experiences and camping is definitely a great way to bond as a family and enjoy the outdoors. We went away with close friends who also have a 10 month old and she was such a trooper! All three kids had a blast and despite not having the most ideal weather, we had a great time just hanging out and roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

We cooked all the meals on the campfire and the camping stove we took with us and the men even fashioned a colander out of a paper bowl for the mac and cheese we cooked for dinner. For a group of people who had pre-googled all the closest restaurants and a hotel, I think we did pretty well for ourselves! A few things that we couldn’t have done without is the canopy and the most important and essential item that my friend Melissa had the foresight of packing – plastic wine glasses! Haha! I quickly added these to my list to take on our next camping trip! Also, believe it or not but we didn’t take a coffee maker with us! Rookie mistake for which a kettle payed heavily by being sacrificed to maintain mommy sanity in the early morning hours. This mistake will definitely not be repeated cause we added a coffee percolator to our list of items to take with us the next time we go!

Even when it rained, the kids were happy playing in the tents and the fact that our air mattresses withstood the kids bounce test is a testament to the awesomeness of these air mattresses! We had taken a couple of fishing poles with us since our oldest really wanted to try his hand at fishing and Aunt Mel was able to show him the ropes to get him started. That, the s’mores and helping with the camp fire were some of the high points of the trip for the boys!

Things that I could not have done without on the trip are these towelettes. I received them in my Amazon Beauty Box and they truly were a life saver and allowed me to feel fresh and clean on the go! We used these LED Camping Lanterns in the canopy at night and in our tents! Super easy to dim and perfect for camping or even in emergencies such as hurricane and tornado preparedness! They are every bit as amazing as is described in the 6300 – 4.5 star reviews and I am glad we have a bunch now at home as a back up.

IMG_1186The campground was awesome if you are traveling with young kids because it had so much to do and the Assateague State Park and Seashore is 15 min from the campground. If you are lucky you can see wild horses at the beach, although we saw way more people than we did horses. We probably saw a couple wild horses in the fields but I am already planning our next camping trip so I can get that sighting of all those horses at the beach we didn’t get to see!

Our final hurrah of the summer came to an end with some awesome memories made and we are ready for Fall and all the wonderful experiences that will bring to us! Memories of the campfire lingered with us for a really long time thanks to the smell of the campfire in literally everything we took with us. I was finally able to get it out with my #1 laundry savior and everything smells awesome once again!

What are your favorite family vacations made of? My favorite part of this one was that my boys had so much quality time to just bond with each other uninterrupted by electronics or a gazillion toys. It was just them connecting with each other.











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