Dress me up (pretty please)

This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a small compensation if you use the links to buy. 

I need your advice again ladies! My husband’s boss has invited us for a meet and greet. We will be watching a play followed by dinner and there will be other senior leadership from his company also present. I have no idea how formal or informal this is going to be so I am freaking out a little and need something safe.

black top

Option 1 – Off Shoulder Top/Jeans

Here are the choices I have! In case you wanted to know where they are from I have linked them for you! (affiliate links)

Option 1 – One Shoulder Top and Jeans:

The top is Ann Taylor. Believe it or not, it is on sale and dirt cheap. The jeans are super comfy and were part of a recent Stitch Fix box. The booties are my absolute favorite. I am not super comfortable wearing high heels especially after my daughter was born but these I can rock for a whole day because they provide awesome ankle support.






green dress

Option 2 – Green Dress

Option 2 – Green Dress:

I bought this dress in the pre-baby era but have only worn it twice since. So it looks pretty new (thank god!). The same is no longer available, so here is something similar. The pumps are Vince Camuto, again bought many years ago so couldn’t find the exact ones but here is something similar.








So ready, set and go! Need all the advice I can get :).

PS: neither is an option too but then I will need more advice (haha).

– Charu



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