My Basic Fall Outfit!

This weather just makes my heart happy! I am as basic as it gets with doing all of the Fall things and we are going to share my top ten favorite things to do as the temperatures start to drop in a different post. But anyway, I digress….this post is about my most basic fall outfit.

The temperature is gradually starting to fall and I find myself going from layering to feeling hot in layers so a shirt over a tank is my go to these days. Mom attire is all about keeping it simple for me but that does not necessarily mean I don’t get to enjoy the few chances I might get to wear a cute outfit!

I love this chambray shirt and pair it with leggings or jeans and sometime even with a dress as an extra layer. This particular evening, we were out for one of the Fall festivals and while the day didn’t start out as super cold, the temperatures kept falling gradually and this was just enough layering to keep me warm. These are my favorite leggings and for you Lularoe lovers, they also come in several different patterns. I own a couple of them in black because I cycle through black leggings so often once we hit Fall. They are soft and stretchy and are high waist. For those who have bore even a single human in your body, you know exactly what I mean when I say I LOVE the high waist leggings!Β FullSizeRender-1

If you have been following our blog, you already know my new found favorite pair of shoes!! They are available in 4 different colors. I bought them in the steel grey but they look more olive to me (maybe I am color blind, haha!). I ordered them in a size 8 which is my regular shoe size and found that they run true to size. They are super comfortably and really breathable! I usually would have paired this outfit with my favorite pair of converse but I have been enjoying these for the last couple of weeks! I will probably alternate between these and my converse until it is time to switch over to boots!! I am going to try and do a couple more outfits and show you how you can style these shoes with different outfits but until then enjoy this weather and all of the awesome things it brings with it!

Comment below and let us know what your favorite thing about this season! We love hearing from you!



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