My Favorite Halloween Finds!!


My Clark Kent & Captain America

Halloween is a holiday that I really didn’t quite get into until after I had my first! And now that I have two, I love finding great costumes for the two of them that kind of go together because that is just cuteness raised to the power of two! Last year, they were superheroes. My little was a few months shy of two and rocked Clark Kent and my not so little at 3.5 made an uber cute Captain America! Of course, I am biased! They could have been a paper bag and sack and I would have still thought they looked cute! As much as I enjoy picking out their costumes, they have come to an age now that they want to pick out their own. Have you already picked out costumes for this year? If you haven’t, here is my personal favorite list of costumes that might help move things along for you. )This article contains affiliate links.)

Sibling Costumes – Sibling matching costumes are beyond adorable! The first year my second was a monkey, I really wanted to fashion the man with the yellow hat for eldest. I am not that crafty though and we were traveling out of the country that year for Halloween so didn’t seem like it would be worth the effort. SO MUCH REGRET! Monkey HalloweenSo, someone out there show me your curious George and the man with the yellow hat and let me live vicariously through you! There are so many super cute outfits out there for siblings though – I have always wanted to do the Dr. Seuss themed ones! My kids are really into Paw Patrol and I spotted most of the pups in the Halloween costume section on Amazon. At some point, I would love to have them do Mario Brothers, oh the nostalgia! Some other cool ones were the Emoji costumes, Batman and Joker, and the Star Wars series with Rey, Skywalker, Darth Vader!

Baby CostumesThese were entirely too adorable and I spent way too much time scrolling through these for this post and if you want to see them all, help yourself. I LOVED the tootsie roll and banana for the little infants. Such an adorable way to keep them warm and still partake in the spirit of Halloween. If you have a baby who is sitting and crawling, the Bee and Elvis costumes are too cute!! And if you are a Star Wars fan, you cannot miss the Yoda costume!! And if you have a Halloween baby…well the squishy pumpkin might be the perfect one for you!! If I had a baby that little, I do not know how I would decide!!

Pregnant? There is something for you too!! – I know so many expectant moms who love to enjoy Halloween too and I could not resist sharing some cute ideas for them! The kangaroo and the bun in the oven costumes were so hard to pass up. But if you are looking for something a little low key, then these Halloween tees with a little baby skeleton and a gumball machine might work well for you! Hey, some of these could make a great pregnancy announcement too!

 Family Costumes – We have never done a family costume for us but these were tempting. You could do the fast food costume complete with french-fries, burger and ketchup or in this case, the car going through the drive through, the minion family or if you are the superhero kind of family then there are so many choices. Power rangers are currently a favorite in the house! Or keep up with the flavor of the month and get a twofer with this Oktoberfest Family costume. If dad doesn’t want to dress up, you could still pull off this Unicorn Mommy and me costume!

Couple Costumes – Nish and I would probably keep it simple with the Jack and Coke costume! But then I saw Han Solo and Princess Leia and while I am not a fan of the Princess Leia costume, Han Solo would hands down get a “heck yea” vote from me!! So many options to pick from, some of the cutesy ones that both Amazon and Target have, are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cookies and Milk and of course Wine and Cheese!! There was also a Plug and Socket costume!!

Get your costume on and put your best boo(t) forward for this Halloween! The kids have me excited and our house is set up to be a mix of Halloween and Diwali which is always interesting to pull off. Whether you are planning to wear these to go trick or treating or if you also have a Halloween party that you can wear these too, it’s always a fun time to dress up! Comment below and tell us what you are going to be this Halloween!!






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