DIY – Laundry Room Makeover

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Do you have a room in your home where everything goes to hide when you are having company over? Welcome to the makeover of what used to be that room in our home. Our laundry room is located on the main level of our home but is in the farthest back corner of our house and most people don’t really access it. It didn’t have a door on it when we moved in and that was when it still had a chance at being clean even if it wasn’t pretty. Then we put a door on it sometime last year. That was the end of things staying clean in there. It became a dumping ground for all things that needed to be stowed away to pull off the sham of the house being clean and organized when folks were over.

The Before Picture – with all of the crap!

Both my husband and I are usually on the same page about “everything in its spot and a spot for everything” so it was surprising that this room was overlooked for as long as it was. We like to do most of our projects ourselves. Nish and I make a good team because if I can think it, he can almost always find an easy way to execute my vision. Our goal was to make it functional and inviting so I could also use it as a folding space. It moved up on our list of makeovers when one fine day Nish decided to start taking that ugly metal shelving off the wall. Before any mess is cleared though, it must get messier! All the clutter and hidden treasures made their way out of the room and as tiny as this space was, it is a wonder how much we managed to shove in there when we needed to “clean up” in a hurry.

The beginning of a cleaner after with a little help from little hands 🙂

We had one cabinet in there along with the washer and dryer and our next step was moving those around to optimize the usage of space. We put up one shelf to hold some of our supplies and found that it was a perfect fit for that wall. Next, we put in a counter that works as a folding station or a gift-wrapping station. It was easy to make and my husband basically put 2×4 pieces of wood on the sides and the back wall and used L brackets for some extra support for the counter. All the supplies came from Home Depot, which is probably the boys’ most favorite store to explore! They can spend endless hours in there – Home Depot is to them what Target is to me!

The baskets work well to hide away some of the supplies like those awesome wool dryer balls, rags and some other cleaning supplies. The detergent pods and Unstoppables sit right there in an easy to access jar on the counter top. I leave my gift-wrapping station in here and it fits perfectly under that counter. I love how organized and clutter free this room has now become!

AfterThe last part is always fun because I get to make it pretty and I was excited to decorate this tiny space to make it inviting! Raise your hands if every load of laundry you do has at least one mismatched sock. I looked on Pinterest for inspiration and there were so many cute ideas. Here is one sign that I liked and even this one that is really reasonably priced. But I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I decided to make our sign and I am obsessed with it! I had bought the good moms wooden sign a while ago even before we had the laundry room on our list of make overs and had it over my desk space but we thought it would be perfect for this space. I also really like this one that I found on amazon and this vintage washboard sign is perfect and might go on my other wall that is empty for now!


The “After” – Reorganized and Clutter Free!

My favorite part of this makeover was painting the door a bright pop of yellow. It is such a small change but makes such a big impact. I bought a little sign (similar sign here) to contrast with the yellow of the door and it is exactly what was needed to finish this space!

Boring Before door

Boring Before Door!


Gorgeous Yellow!













The makeover didn’t take too long and made such a huge impact in making this tiny space so much more functional and organized! It makes for a great activity that the kids like to get involved with as well. Let us know if you would like to see more of our DIY creations around the home by leaving us a comment here!






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