Kiran Jadhwani – Woman Owned Wednesday

What do you write about a woman who you have known for more than a decade in so many different aspects? SO much to say about Kiran Jadhwani, our WOW woman this week but I will try and stick to her latest conquest – after a quick back story, of course 🙂

kiran.jpgWe met while we were still in Bombay, India in junior high and ended up in the same University for our Bachelors in Engineering. She is one of the most soft spoken, kind and endearing people who I have had the privilege of knowing. We were reconnected after a few years when she moved to the US and I am glad that we did.

She may be kind and soft spoken and all of that but she is also someone who has constantly found a way to reinvent herself. She worked for a Telecommunications company while in India. Her then fiancé and her breezed through a long-distance relationship across continents. When they got married, she quit her job in India and moved to the US to be with her husband. She managed (and frankly still does) to strike that fine balance where she has found personal and professional satisfaction. She continued to chase her ambitions while making the big move from India to the US to be with her husband. She worked on her own aspirations by pursuing an MBA at the George Mason University. When she graduated, it was challenging to find a job on a dependent visa and then her husband’s career required them to move across the country. The two of them are super supportive of each other and hence regardless of the stress a cross country move and rebuilding your professional network can put on an individual, they both handled it with ease. While her husband settled in his new job, Kiran flourished in several positions in the bay area. I have never once heard her complain and frankly, I have never even see a furrow on her brow regardless of the challenges that life threw at her.

After holding several successful positions as Project Manager in Silicon Valley, Kiran decided to branch out and chase her own aspirations as momtreprenuer.  It is now Kiran’s moment to shine and she has a super supportive family cheering her on! She stands in the sun as she carves her own niche as CEO and Founder of Nurturico.

When I reached out to her to share her story about Nurturico and how it was born this is what she said – “During my first pregnancy, I craved for snacks that would help satisfy my cravings but not send me on a guilt trip. I searched high and low for snacks that fit the criteria – catering to pregnant woman’s needs, natural ingredients, no preservatives, organic, low sugar, etc. Alas! I couldn’t find any. So, I took it upon myself to make such snacks in my very own kitchen, adding only those ingredients that helped pregnant and nursing moms meet their nutritional needs. After a lot of research, Nurturico snacks was born in November 2015. Nurturico snacks are enjoyed by many moms looking for a bite size of satisfaction … psst dads and kids love these too.”

As a new mom, it is so hard to focus on your own health and demands of your body when your entire being is consumed by taking care of this incredible human you have just created. Nurturico helps you do just that. Kiran has a wonderful line of products that are wholesome and delicious! She makes them in-house and uses only the best and organic ingredients sourced from local stores. Everything is made by her and is custom made to the order she receives. Nothing has been sitting on a shelf and waiting to be ordered. Can’t get fresher than this!! She is currently based in the bay area but once I saw her product page I had to ask if she would make an exception and deliver to other locations. If you are a new mom and feel like Kiran and Nurturico is exactly what you need in your life, reach out to her!

My favorite thing about Nurturico is that it is not only about the delicious product but also about all the information that it provides to pregnant and nursing moms. Kiran is always sharing information about ingredients and vitamins that you need as a pregnant and new mom. I enjoy following her page and reading about things that I should be doing. It makes it easy for me to look for the right things when I am shopping because she breaks it down for you and then tells you how to do it right! She also participates in mommy and me events in the Bay Area for those of you who are local to her. If you follow her on Facebook, you can keep up with the events that she is going to be at. Here is her Facebook page and Instagram if you would like to learn more about eating clean and staying healthy!

395498_orig.jpgI was fortunate as a new mom to have both my mom and MIL fly in to spend time with us and focus on me and my nutrition while I focused on my new babies. Browsing through Nurturico’s products, I am mildly upset that she took so long to start this initiative! Kiran I could have totally used those date and nut muffins and I am pretty sure both my mom and MIL would have approved!


Nicely done, Kiran!! Happy 2nd Birthday to Nurturico and your journey as momtreprenuer!! For those of us not in the Bay area we will be waiting for you to expand and start to ship your goodies over to us!



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