Blanket Scarf Tutorial

Hey y’all! It is finally starting to get consistently cooler and I find myself busting out my blanket scarf almost everyday. Figured I would share a few different ways that you can style yours if you enjoy wearing it too. Watch this 11 min video to see 11 different ways to style your blanket scarf. Such an awesome accessory for family photos or to stay warm and stylish at those Thanksgiving gatherings. I have linked up my outfit details below (affiliate links). There are about 13 different colors that you can pick from. I am wearing the one in Fuschia!

Outfit Details: Scarf / Dress /  Leggings  / Boots / Boot Cuffs

Leave us a comment and let us know if you have other favorite ways to style the blanket scarf. These were just a few of my favorite techniques to conquer this big beautiful cozy blanket scarf! Stay Warm folks!



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