Heather Holiday – Woman Owned Wednesday

image4One of the biggest perks of being part of a big tribe of positive women who build each other up is being able to connect with SO MANY amazing badass women who are just killing it! Today’s WOW Woman is exactly that – absolutely badass and not afraid to chase her passion! She launched her adorable and unique leather goods boutique and went through each experience of handcrafting personally so we know that she is exactly where she wanted to be and worked hard to be here!

I love her story and I truly hope that you will love it and her work as much as I do. She states it so simply but it truly is amazing to hear how her journey came to be. Heather says that she started Mason Dixon because she loves making things. “Family is such a big part of who I am and when I see the same with another person, it is such an immediate draw for me.”

Her first sewing machine was a present from her future mother in law and her first sewing teacher was her future cousin in law. Her journey started with the making of leather booties for her 8 month old baby!!! I would have loved to have been a little baby model for these booties because man are they gorgeous! They went on to become the inspiration for what is the Eyre bootie that you see on her product page today.  This was way back in 2015 and Heather has come a long way since then and has grown into a third studio and initiated their first Summer Apprenticeship program this year!

image5Heather prides herself on investing so much of herself (literally) in every piece that they make and stamp with the Mason Dixon logo. This is what immediately sets them apart in an era where everything is automated, outsourced and mass produced. A great emphasis is placed on the quality of each piece that is produced and it starts from the very start. Raw materials are sourced in small lots so that every batch is monitored closely for quality and eventually can be created into a masterpiece with top notch craftsmanship! Their products are testament to the fact that faster and cheaper is not always better and every handmade product in the Mason Dixon workshop is made with love and has a deep rooted personal connection. The shoes are all made of European suede and 100% vegetable-tanned leather soles with genuine plantation crepe rubber. All leather used is a by-product of food sources, and the soft-soled baby booties are sewn.

In keeping with the family vein, I love that she talks about her husband as a true partner in life and Mason Dixon. Not only does he co parent when she needs to put on her Mason Dixon hat and get a few dedicated hours at studio, but he also supports her business by contributing there. He digitizes and scales their shoe patterns and glues every crepe rubber sole that goes out the door. I love a great power couple story and nothing makes a marriage stronger than a husband and wife who support each other!

Heather and her company Mason and Dixon are based out of Philly and her line of products is not limited to baby related items even though it may have started with those incredibly adorable baby booties. They do some fantastic looking shoes for men, women and other custom order for leather goods! Everything is unique, handcrafted and would make an awesome present for any of your loved ones! I am personally eyeing the Girard Dopp Kit which would make such a great present for the many travelers in my little family. The best part is that she can personalize the items and ship them to you. If you are super quick on your fingers, you can even have one of her awesome creations in time for Christmas! You can check out her entire collection here.




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