Product Review: Fitbit vs. Apple Watch

We are starting our product review segment with a joint review of two products – apple watch and Fitbit.

FitbitI have not used a Fitbit but Mamta has and in her words, “I owned three different Fitbits before I moved on to the Apple Watch. So I think I it is safe to say that I gave it a fair shot. I really liked that it captured all of the aspects that were important to me – BMI, Heart Rate, calories burned and even hours slept (when my kids were little, it was almost like a validation for how tired I felt, ha!)

While the tracking is awesome, I thought that the quality of the actual build was not that great. I went through three before I threw in the towel and decided to upgrade. Each one had its own issue – the first actually ripped off at the joint of the band, the second and third couldn’t hold battery life. I have to say though that the customer service over at Fitbit is AWESOME! They sent out the replacement Fitbit each time I called to let them know that the one that I had was broken and also offered an upgrade to the higher version. I owned the Blaze and the Alta HR and probably would have kept the Alta HR but when that too eventually died within only 4 short months, it was definitely time to move one.”

Apple watchI am an owner of not one, but two Apple watches, not by choice. I got the 2nd generation 38mm as a birthday gift last year. And when the 3rd generation was released this year, my husband bought a 42 mm for himself. I ended up getting that one too since I was locked out of my original one, and I needed something for a work trip and then it stayed with me (yes, yes, he actually gave it to me, what can I say, he is a good one).

Like all Apple products, the Apple watch is great quality, sturdy, and has a good battery life. It has a number of features that I use and in a lot of ways, it is similar to using an iPhone. For a forgetful person like me, who keeps losing her phone, being able to receive a phone call via still looking for my phone is priceless. Yes, you heard me, you can take phone calls on your watch, as long as your phone and watch are connected. I can even send texts (although it takes a little longer to scribble every alphabet), but it gets the job done.

Coming to the features most comparable to Fitbit, Apple watch has multiple options to track different types of activities that you do – be it steps, standing hours, and exercised hours. It can also track by the type of activity. I use this feature a lot. They recently even added the free weights activity tracker which I love! Now if they add yoga activity tracker too, that would be just perfect!. What I loved was that I could set my goals for training, and keep track of them through the day by just looking at the watch. It also has a heart rate monitor that compares well with the Fitbit. Other things that I love about the watch are that it is super easy to set up and that most of my phone apps are also available on the watch. When it comes to endurance, I can tell you that my watch has endured more in the gym than anyone can imagine.

bandsFor the more stylish ones reading this, Apple watch comes with different colored bands and cases so you can match them to your outfits. In fact, Apple watch looks so stylish, I often wear them with my more formal outfits, where I would have worn jewelry in the past, so its two birds with one stone!

The skeptic in me would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the numerals to enter the password on the 38 mm are a little too small so you can fat finger easily. So much that my daughter managed to lock it out (after trying to enter password like a gazillion times) and it needed a visit to the Apple store to fix it. Last but not the least, I hope they improve the messaging on it. But that’s about it! Now I recently heard that Fitbit has released a smart watch, so will have to check it out. from what we have seen so far though, both Mamta and I totally enjoy our Apple watches and absolutely recommend it!




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