My Favorite Amazon Purchases!

All of you who follow us have probably already heard from me about how much I love Amazon and free 2 day shipping we get with Amazon Prime. If you can think of an item you need, it is more than likely that Amazon will have it shipped to you in 2 days, at a competitive price and no shipping costs (there is always an 80/20 rule in all situations, but this has been my experience for a majority of my purchases). Anyways, with the holidays around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite Amazon purchases with you all. A lot of these would make great presents and you can have them shipped to family so you don’t have to take it with you in your carry-on luggage or in the trunk of your car for you road trippers! (**This post may contain some affiliate links)


  1. Cereal Dispenser – This one is a total mommy win! I originally bought these as a housewarming present for a family friend almost 7 years ago. Never thought to purchase for myself until recently and now that I think of it, I can’t believe it took me as long as it did! Yikes! For those of you who have school age kids, this is such an awesome purchase! Mine are 4 and 2 and they can use their step stool to get breakfast for themselves. Granted my 4-year-old has to help his little brother but you get the drift. It gives them a chance to be independent and gives you a few extra minutes to get stuff done for yourself! I have the dual dispenser in red chrome for myself but there are single and triple dispensers out there too!
  2. Nespresso – I NEED my coffee in the morning! I would take it via IV if I could so I could get to it as soon as I opened my eyes. We have been through 3 different coffee machines before I found the one I like the best so far (Product reviews with comparison for the three are coming up!) We currently own the Nespresso Espresso Machine and it is AHMAZING! The fact that I can order the pods using Amazon Subscribe and Save and never have to run out is an added bonus. We also have this frother for the machine since I take mine with milk and it is so easy to use that even my kids can do it! You can buy the whole thing as a bundle too!
  1. Magnatiles – they boys started with this 32 piece set which they received as a present but they enjoyed playing with these so much that we bought them the 100 piece set as a present to add to their existing set. They are an awesome toy if you are looking for Christmas presents and enable kids to build using their imagination. This is one of the very few toys with the exception of Legos that can keep my boys occupied for hours. It is really cool to see what they build from basic shapes!
  1. Wet Brush – If you don’t already own this you need to go buy it right now!! Another one of those things that I found super late in life. When I hit my 3-month post partum hair loss stage and thought I was basically going to go bald is when I bought this brush and it is awesome!! So much easier to brush through wet hair with minimal breakage! They have a travel size/kids size one too and I highly recommend getting one of these!
  2. Dead Sea Mask – Ok, so I basically just stumbled upon this mask and absolutely love it! I feel like it does a deep clean of my face and clears out those pores. I leave it on for maybe 10 min because you all know already how I have very little patience for any activity that is too time consuming. But it truly leaves the face feeling cleaner and clearer. I try to do it once a week but who am I kidding it ends up being once a month but regardless it is the best feeling when I wash it off my face!
  3. Batiste Dry Shampoo – My favorite and most highly recommended dry shampoo! I scored an amazing deal on this over black Friday and now own 2 ginormous bottles of this in two different scents so I am set for the next 6 months if not more! This has been my saving grace on days when my hair could really use a wash but there is no likelihood of getting in the shower (I know you have those days too!)
  4. Beauty Blender – The original beauty blender seems pricey for $19 but rightfully so. It does an awesome job with giving you a flawless streak free application. It is great quality and you can wash it and reuse it with your foundation, concealer, primer or even your setting powder. Truly versatile thanks to its form and shape.
  5. Eye Gel Lacquer – If you have seen my makeup video you know I love using this on my eyes. I could totally forego any other product but the eye liner is a must have for me. I love it in the blackest black and I am almost done with the pot I ordered right around summer. I recently ordered the one in espresso and love the lighter and more natural look of this one too.
  6. Alexa – She is a fan favorite in our house. We use it to set reminders for when we bake and cook, to set timers for the times when the naughty littles have to be sent to time out, to set alarms, play music and even to tell the kids knock knock jokes. I was skeptical of the Echo when she first arrived but if she can keep my kids occupied and remind me of all the things that need to get done without me reaching for my pen/device, it was all that was needed to win me over. Hey, there is at least someone who listens to me at home! If you have a techie in your family, I am sure they have introduced you to the Alexa Family and if they haven’t, maybe you can surprise them with your own gift giving prowess.


10. Rechargeable Batteries – These are heaven sent when you have a million toys in your home which require batteries! The number of batteries we went through made me feel like I should own stock at Energizer! However, these are perfect since they are rechargeable and I don’t feel like I am going through them faster than I can blink.

11. Fire TV – The Amazon fire tv is what we use at home to watch TV shows, movies, music, youtube videos, play games… you name it and it does it. It is tightly integrated with Amazon’s own video streaming service and we have not had cable at our home for as long as I remember. Added bonus, it has Alexa built into it!

12. Instant Pot – When your mailman tells you that you have made a great choice as he delivers this box to you, well you kind of have to believe him. He is delivering 1000s of these and he uses one too! Anyway, I have been intimidated by this but I am warming up to it and trying to cook more and more because the flavors are truly awesome when you cook using the instant pot. Apart from the flavors though, to me the late start function, its yogurt making functionality (I loved eating fresh, homemade yogurt as a kid) and that it shrinks cooking time drastically were what completely converted me! Mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving were done in 8 min, people!!


Anyway, so this is it! I may not be Oprah and this may not be a list as prestigious as hers but these are some of my favorite things… (I totally sung that out in my head). Tell us what your favorite Amazon finds have been so we can add to this list!



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