Top Ten Subscription Boxes for the Guys!

There are just so many subscription boxes out there that we are truly spoiled for choice! I love the surprise element of these but also the ability to try out new products that I wouldn’t normally find or pick out at the grocery store or mall! I will do one for the women and kids too but here is my top ten roundup for men subscription boxes! If you haven’t checked your favorite men off your Christmas list yet here is a helpful cheat sheet to get you going! (**This post may contain some affiliate links**)

  1. Stitch Fix – Give the gift of great personal style! We have talked about Stitch Fix on the blog more in the past month just because it is a great time to buy their gift cards with the first styling fee also waived off it is a risk free way to trying out this awesome service! They send you 5 pieces with a style card to help pair stuff together and you keep what you like, return what you don’t. You only pay for the stuff you keep and the styling fee gets applied to the cost of the items that you keep! ($20 styling fee plus the cost of whatever you keep)Stitch-Fix-Men-Personal-Stylist-Box2.jpgStitch-Fix-Winter-Holiday-Gift-Card-Women-Men-Personal-Styling-Service
  2. Bespoke Post – This is one of those boxes that I would give to someone who has everything but would be open to trying out new experiences. Each Bespoke box contains tools, products, and clothes that chances are you’ve yet to be introduced to. It’s free to sign up, and each box only costs $45 for members, while being filled with at least $70 worth of goods.


3. Mancrates – I have yet to try this as a present for someone but I have always been intrigued by all of the options! The Ramen box is the one I most recently hovered over to get for my husband! There is something for everyone and I think would make a great Christmas present! There is a grill master crate, new dad crate and the morning glory crate and seriously there was a crate for everything that I could think of whiskey, outdoors, exotic gourmet crates and even a tasting flight crate in a variety of price ranges too.

4. Dollar Shave Club – This one first showed up in my Facebook feed and it is perfect if your man isn’t great with replacing or ordering fresh batch of razors. Cartridges arrive every month for a few bucks, so you can pop on a fresh blade anytime you want. You control the frequency of the subscription and you can cancel any time! ($3/month)

5. Loot Crate – Do you have a resident geek or techie in your family who you want to find a unique gift for? Get him a subscription for Loot Crate! The loot crate box delivers a box of geeky and gaming related licensed merchandise that is not regularly available in stores. Every month you’ll receive four to five authentic licensed collectibles—including T-shirts, coffee mugs, comic book reprints, and figurines. Some recent examples include a Stranger Things T-shirt, a reprint of Action Comics #1 (a.k.a Superman #1), and a metal Wolverine action figure. It’s basically a pop-culture smorgasbord showing up on your doorstep every month. You can go to their website to look at past boxes and pick the type of box that you are interested in getting or gifting. ($15.99 per month)

6. Sock Box – Just like razors I find that socks are another item that get overlooked and run to the ground until you realize that you don’t have one without a hole in it or a bunch of mismatched ones! Know someone with this problem? Get them a subscription to for as little as $12. This gets you a unique and high quality pair of socks per month or 2 pairs per month depending on the subscription plan you pick! ($12/month)

7. Wrist Society – So I have to confess, this one has me extremely tempted only because my hubby loves new watches! They have two different types of memberships a noble at $29 a month and an elite at $39 a month. With both plans you are sent one watch per month that you get to keep! If you do not like a watch you get you can exchange it for one of their previous watches that they have offered for no extra cost. If you have a watch collector who you are trying to buy for this is a great way to grow that collection at an affordable price. The watches are shipped on the first of every month and there is a variety of frequency options that you can select from to suit your needs. ($29/month or $39/month)

8. Mantry – For the gourmet food lover in your life this subscription box is absolutely what you should look into getting! I looked at some of their past boxes and they were seriously mouth watering! They have done a tailgate crate, pizza party crate and a Bourbon crate in the past. Each crate includes 6 full size artisan products, product list and a mantry manual that has a list of recipes, pairings and pictures. ($59/crate)

9. Tasters Club – If you have a whiskey/scotch connoisseur who you are looking to buy a present for look no further! Each month you get a new 750ml bottle of bourbon or scotch, and a “Whiskey 101” course guide to learn everything about it. You’ll learn things like how to properly taste and evaluate the whiskey, the distillery’s production techniques, and flavor profiles. Well, and the monthly whiskey or scotch restocks aren’t too bad either! You can pick from a whiskey, scotch or bourbon club for gifting. Giving the gift of tasters club, here is the bonus, new members get a free glass! (starts at $69 per month)

Screenshot 2017-12-07 00.03.08.png

10. Birch Box – Did you think this was just for the women? Ha, think again! Birchbox for men brings 5 grooming products to your doorstep for as little as $10 per month. Personalize your box by filling out your grooming preferences to get the most relevant samples each month. Here is a cherry on top, use code GIFT20 to get 20% off any gift subscriptions you purchase!



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Subscription Boxes for the Guys!

  1. Love this list! I got Matt a cigar crate from ManCrates and had the BEST customer service experience. Part of the crate came damaged and they overnighted me an entirely new crate so I would still have it in time for Christmas. Highly recommend them!


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