Charu’s Ramblings – Prep done, now relax on Christmas!


The imperfect pictures make the perfect memories 🙂

Browsing through Facebook over the last few days, I saw one common theme (and not surprisingly), preparing for Christmas and the holidays!!! An overwhelming number of people were stressed about last minute gifts, decorating the house, wrapping the gifts, and making the whole experience magical. Add to that the financial strain and dealing with unpleasant relatives. There were posts and rants and videos about it all. It got me thinking. Are we doing this right? Are we celebrating the holidays right? Is this celebrating Christmas right? And most importantly, are we celebrating each other and our families right?

Don’t get me wrong, I did all of it this year – buying gifts for everyone, decorating the tree, the house, etc. And got stressed too. I am a very last minute kinda of person, but fortunately for me this, I “had to” do the all the prep earlier because I was travelling for a business trip overseas in the first two weeks of December. So the preparation happened prior to my leaving and to some extent the stress too.

Prior to my daughter’s birth, I celebrated festivals but did the bare minimum. But after


Starting the holidays right!!

her birth, I wanted to celebrate more and more (obviously). And add to the customs. And learn new traditions. Somewhere though, the festivals started to mean more “work” and less “enjoyment”. So this year, while we added new traditions to Christmas, we did them in our own way, at our own pace and in our own style. After all, “Magic” doesn’t mean much if we have a stressed out mommy around. So we did elf on the shelf this year for the first time, but elf does not leave the room at all because big tears start rolling down my daughter’s cheeks at the thought of elf leaving her room. We did ginger bread, just yesterday, because that is when I had time (baahhhaha). We did an early Christmas this year because that was the only time everyone was available. The bottom line is being flexible, relaxed and being open to a few tweaks, because let’s be honest, festivals are about everyone being happy and able to participate! There will always be some people who complain and who remain unhappy. You did your best, now just rest (wow that rhymed).

Hope all of you take time this holiday season to unwind, relax and enjoy with your families!!!



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