New Year, New You!! Stitch Fix Unveiling!

A lot of you took advantage of the $20 gift card and the first styling fee waived promo this past couple months and so did I!! I thought I would share my Stitch Fix box with you guys via this video. Each Stitch Fix box challenges the “I never thought I’d wear this!” and it is only because your stylist thinks out of the box for you. A lot of the items in my box this time had been on my wish list. I love that she did such a great job of following my Pinterest Board and sending me pieces that are completely in sync with my note to her! (This post may contain some affiliate links)

Here are some pictures of the outfits so you can pick your favorites! If you like something you see, you can always pin it to your board and ask your stylist for the same item! There is something for everyone – Stitch Fix now has Men’s, Plus and Maternity in addition to the Women’s Styling Service!


I have a strong leaning towards dresses but the tops in this one were super cute too! I was most surprised by how much I liked the velvet dark navy dress. Loved the jewel tone theme that the whole box had. Needless to say picking just a few was a very hard decision!! Was there a favorite in there that stood out to you? Tell me what you think of the items that I received or tell your stylist that you want one of these in your next Stitch Fix box!!



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