Top 10 Bathing Suits for your Tropical Winter Getaway!!

Sharing my top picks for the most essential piece of clothing that you need for that tropical getaway! You guessed it! The elusive, flattering bathing suit! There is something on my list for EVERYONE! So read on and drop a comment to let me know where you are headed whether it is a winter escape or your annual summer beach vacay! Never too early to start shopping. (**This post may contain some affiliate links.)

As the temperatures continue to drop here I am feeling truly remorseful that I did not plan a warm winter getaway this year! For those of you who had the forethought to do so and are jet setting off to somewhere warm, I am envious!! Have an extra drink for me! A few of my friends are off to exotic locations and when one of them asked me to write on the most essential piece for said getaway, I was like, hell yeah! It allows me to vicariously live through her and get ready for summer! Last year we left a mountain of snow behind to head to Cancun and it was glorious!! While I am stuck in winter land here I thought this would be the perfect way to feel some warmth and get ready for summer! SO, even if you are not headed to somewhere warm you can still use this list to prepare for summer just like I plan to! (I promise warm days will be here soon!!)


  1. Cupshe does some really great bathing suits! Super cute and really flattering, although I do find that they run small. My recommendation if you are buying a Cupshe bathing suit is to go one size up and buy from Amazon so that you can do a free shipping free return and not have to deal with long delivery times or return hassles! This lace vintage one piece suit and this cross body leaf print bikini are two of my current favorites right now!
  2. I love to mix and match and at time will buy a top if I like and to match it with a different bottom I already own and vice versa. So when I saw this one shoulder ruffle bikini top and this black peplum top at Anthropologie I figured it would be a perfect solid to match  with a bottom you already own. A lot of us like to cover the belly and I think you can totally find something that is cute and still meets all the criteria that you want in a suit. If you wanted to pair this with a skort or swim shorts you could easily carry that off as well
  3. I am really digging the off shoulder suits this year and my favorite store Target of course has one in the universally flattering black that literally compliments every body type!
  4. How about this Trina Turk Off Shoulder suit though!! It is way pricier than the one at Target but also it is South Moon Under! Great quality and just such a classic sexy suit!
  5. This hot red number is the one to turn heads this season! It is super sexy and definitely one to pack in your bag for that winter escape. I have a one that is sort of similar that I bought last year for a much lower price point that you can check out here!
  6. She wore an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini….So well, this is not yellow, and not itsy bitsy either but super cute and another one of my favorites! My biggest ask of bikinis post kids has been for it to be comfortable and something that I can wear without being worried about stuff falling out when I am chasing the kids around (I know you think about it too!) Beach days post kids are just not the same as before kids! This one was perfect for those beach days where you have to sit down and then stand up a million times or chase your monkeys around! Another one of my personal favorites is this royal blue one piece that is super comfortable and yet sexy!
  7. I have never thought to shop bathing suits at Asos but in writing this blog I looked at their collection and this sweetheart frill bathing suit is on clearance for less than $30!! Or you can mix and match with this orange plunge neck halter bikini. I kinda got fixated on the ruffle detail on this one and think it would be super cute to have too!!
  8. Ruched details are so good for masking those mom bods and just make all the curves look extra flattering and make muffin tops and mom pouches vanish into the ruching. A win-win-win in my opinon! Check out this ruched bathing suit at Jcrew in a bunch of different colors – my favorite is the royal blue and the red for sure!
  9. If you are looking for something more conservative there are really cute bathing suits with skirts and also swimdresses that you can take a look at! Like I promised, there is something on my list for everyone to have fun in the sun! Check out these modest bathing suits here, here and here.
  10. Finding a cute bathing suit when you are pregnant can be so challenging but there is no reason why you should not be able to  enjoy pool time. Grab a virgin pinacolada and get ready for some water play with these flattering maternity suits here, here and here.

Don’t forget to keep your skin protected with good sunscreen, a funky beach hat and a cute coverup! I have a couple pretty cover ups for when you want to go from beach to restaurant/bar and back. The one with the pompoms is just such a fun cover up and I own it in white but amazon has it in a bunch of different colors! Tell us where you are headed this year so we can warm up in this cold frigid winter vicariously through you!

– Mamta


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