Valentine’s Presents for Him!

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Don’t worry girls! As promised we have you covered – well at least if that means giving you some good curated ideas on what you can get for him. Hopefully you caught our post about Valentine’s Gifts for Her and shared them with your better half to really make sure we had you covered 😉 (This post may contain some affiliate links).

My honey and I go back and forth between if we want to exchange presents or not and I think the rule of thumb is we don’t exchange presents for Valentines and instead celebrate a week prior cause we cannot deal with the crowded restaurants and prix-fixe menus! I say “I think” regarding presents because I do love when he gets me flowers (even though a lot of people might think that is impractical I am definitely more of the romantic in that sense). He definitely comes from the practical camp but I might have moved him over to the dark side after YEARS of training (haha!!) I am also usually the one that breaks the no present rule but I have decided I am going to be a rule follower this year and follow the no presents rule for his sake. It drives him nuts when I say no presents and then show up with one for him. He says it makes him look bad. (I have no idea what he is talking about ….*evil grin*).

Anyway, after much digression here is a list of awesome presents for your man if you guys are the kinda couple that exchange presents for V day!


  1. Vineyard Vines Sports Shirt – Vineyard Vines is such a great quality brand and with Nordstrom running their sales now, it is available at its sale price of 50% off and less than $50.q1
  2. Novel Duffel Bag – I thought this was such a great looking bag and a great size for a weekend getaway. It is available in a couple different colors but the navy/tan is the one I liked the most.
  3. The Balm Squad – Give him and yourself the gift of super soft lips for him. Winter is the worst for dry skin and chapped lips which is why this is such a good gift. Four different lip balms in mango, mint, vanilla and shea butter!
  4. MVMT Leather Watch – These watches look so good! I liked this chronograph one too. If your guy is a watch lover like mine, both of these are great gift options. They are not wildly out of my budget for one and yet different and unique to make a nice present for him.
  5. Jack Black Skin Savoirs set – Seriously, I love the grooming stuff. Maybe it is because mine loves receiving it and I enjoy watching him enjoy it as much as I love reaping the benefits of him smelling good and his skin being super soft too! This is a full skin care regimen in TSA approved sizes so if your partner travels a lot, this can make his life easier by being his permanent travel kit, well at least until you have to replenish it.
  6. Art of Shaving Kit – If your man hasn’t tried the Art of Shaving products, this is such a great present and a starter kit to get him to try these products. My hubby loves Art of Shaving products and went through a phase where that was all he used. They smell amazing so there is that.
  7. Uggs Chukka Boot – Uggs for your man! They look so warm!! The chestnut is without a doubt the one that I would pick but the dark fawn is nice too. If he is in between sizes order the next size up!
  8. Kiehls Facial Fuel – Yes, cause you want their skin to be super soft too. It is just nicer that way. Kiehl’s totally has an amazing formula and this comes at a pretty good price.
  9. Monogrammed Spirits Decanter – I love giving personalized presents and this one is so easily personalized for your guy. It is not super expensive to personalize either.
  10. Cashmere sweater – A sweater is seriously a wardrobe staple although not the most exciting present. But if you want to give him something practical that he could wear on a nice dinner out or to work then this is perfect! I wonder if mine remembers but my first ever present to him was a cashmere scarf…maybe I WILL break my rule after all and get him this! (I clearly can’t help myself!)

Alright, so there you have it! Tell me what your traditions are and how you celebrate V day with your honey and do you make it a family holiday and do something for your kids too?

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