Styling for that Mom Life!

So much of my wardrobe went through an overhaul when I became a mom. All of a sudden things didn’t fit as they used to and I had no time to go shop for clothes that would flatter me. My skin looked different, my eyes had a ton of dark circles and my hair that was so lush and gorgeous all through my pregnancy started to fall out at the 3 month postpartum mark where I started to feel like there was more on the floor than on my head. If you are a mom you know that trying to go shopping with kids is not the most fun thing. If you make it through the first 30 min of the trip without some kind of whining or having to bribe them in some way then you will have to teach me your ways! Online shopping, free shipping and free returns became my most favorite way to do things just because I could try things on in the comfort of my home and be able to return them if they didn’t fit the way I expected they would.

Also, keep in mind my lifestyle had gone through a considerable change. This girl that only owned heels that came in the size 3″ and up was now only sporting flats. Ain’t nobody got time to walk in heels when you are constantly carrying a new born or chasing after your toddler. I was always the style before comfort gal but when I had my kids it became a constant treasure hunt to find the things that were more in the style with comfort category. In this post I am sharing those basic items that help me look somewhat presentable while still letting me get down and dirty and play with my kids and enjoy in all of the things that come with splashing in the rain to sledding down snowy slopes to running around trying to check off the one million items that are on my list of to-dos for the day.  (**this post may contain some affiliate links**)

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Madewell Whisper Tee –  The fabric on this thing is oh so soft! And it is super casual but also just effortlessly cute. I love being able to wear this as a layer going into the somewhat nice spring days into the warm summer months. My post kid wardrobe has more things that exude comfort and that can translate well from grocery run, to park to lunch date with the littles at Red Robin. This T does the job well on all of those transitions without me looking like I almost always feel (tired!)!

Leggings! – I LOVE these leggings!! Super soft and come in a bunch of colors. I own a couple in black and fleece lined too. Never really enough leggings. I wear them every single day as soon as the temps start to dip whether it is with dresses, tunics, really is one my most favorite staples.

My infamous concealer – After battling dark circles for days I finally caved and bought this nifty little thing that doesn’t let me look as much like a raccoon even though the before application situation may be slightly scary 🙂 I use the corrective yellow because it balances the dark circles out the best. It is less than $5on Amazon and is also available at most of your local pharmacies and Target! Check out my makeup tutorial here!

My favorite gloss at the moment is Dolly! I always carry this in my bag so that it is easy to go from looking like I just woke up to like I put in just a little bit of effort. I switch between Dolly (nude mauve) and White Russian and love both! I think White Russian (more of nude pink) suits me a lot more in the winter months when I am not as tan as in the beachy summer months.

Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner! This combination is absolutely AHmazing!! I cannot say enough about how delicious my hair smells and just how smooth and soft it feels after I have used the combo. I discovered it in my Amazon Beauty box and I have not gone back ever since!

Converse – I LIVE in these as soon as the weather starts to cooperate. In fact it is not even spring yet and I have already worn them a few different times every time the temperatures have risen ever so slightly. It does not matter if you are wearing shorts, jeans or a dress they look great with it all! I discovered these Blowfish Marley’s and they were the only ones that would swap out with the comfy Converse depending on my mood. So comfortable too!


Rockstar Sculpt Jeans  – I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to these jeans! They tuck it all in and pull it all up. You know what i am talking about. A friend introduced me to these and I own them in white. Not at all see through which is what I am always worried about with white jeans. As I was looking at them for this blog they are on super sale for less than $25 at Old Navy!

Finding a good bathing suit after having babies is no small task. You want it to still be sexy, hide all the things you don’t want seen, accentuate ALL of the things that you do and definitely want it to be one that you could still run around and play with the kids in. Love me a good flattering bathing suit and CANNOT wait till I get to wear this one! Cupshe has some really awesome ones on sale on Amazon and I love that I can order a Cupshe and still get the free 2 day shipping and returns. If you missed my top ten bathing suits for your winter getaway post check it out here.

This cross body bag –  It is the perfect size to fit my wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses and be hands free! I have it in cognac and while I thought about it a lot and even consulted with some of my favorite retail therapy buddies and the hubby before buying it. When it arrived in the mail a few days later it was as awesome as it looked on the website! It is not super expensive but looks like it should be. Highly recommend especially if you are out of the diaper carrying phase but still in the snack carrying phase. It would easily fit a tiny snack to keep the natives at bay for one quick Target run 😉 This is the one that is the most recent addition to my closet and I have already made it my regular sidekick! So good!!

This was definitely not an earth shattering big revelation list but  one that makes me feel put together and like I have my life together even when I sometimes don’t! I have done a few favorite purchases posts but this one is as practical as it gets when it comes to bringing style to your mom wardrobe! I am sure that you have your own tried and tested favorites that you don’t let leave your side. Share your list with us so we can be stylin together 😉




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