Smoky Eye Quick-N-Easy Tutorial!

If you know me, you know that I like to keep it simple and have little to no time on putting on make up on a daily basis. BUT that does not mean I don’t like to do a little something special when I get the chance to get dressed up and go out for a fun night with the girls or the occasional date night. (**This post may contain some affiliate links.**)

Finding the perfect tutorial for a smoky eye was hard for me just because I wanted to have something that was quick and also easy. The evenings that I wanted to play it up with a little dramatic bold look – it would seem daunting just cause it always felt like too much work. I came up with my own little hack for you girls who want to do something fun with your eye make-up for a night out but also don’t want it to be 15 steps long or too time consuming. Here is my video for my quick and easy “Mom Hack” for a sexy smoky eye look! I love Bare Minerals products because they are light and always seem super natural on my skin. I used the Bare Minerals Prime Time primer. The Bare Minerals smoky eye palette in this video is perfect and complements my skin tone and the look I wanted to achieve. If you truly wanted to splurge on a palette, this Charlotte Tilbury one is what I would recommend. I try to keep it simple and not too structured and ALWAYS have to incorporate my Loreal Gel Lacquer and recently purchased IT Cosmetics Mascara. Let me know what you guys think of the tutorial and definitely leave me a comment if you try it!!

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