My Birthday Stitch Fix!

Hello Hello folks! It has been an incredibly busy and fulfilling couple weeks at my home! My parents were visiting from India and my sister also managed to swing by from the West Coast. It was a full house and a bunch of celebrations as we have more than a few March Birthdays in our family.

(**This post may contain some affiliate links**)

My parents gifted me my most recent Stitch Fix box that I had ordered for my birthday so ofcourse I have to share with you what I have received. I figured I would do a video unveiling so you can see the box in its entirety! For anyone that has not tried it before Stitch Fix is a great way to get some essentials that are personalized to your style and size. It is as easy as filling out your profile, selecting when you want to receive your fix and letting your stylist know what you would like to see in your box. All of this is done online so you don’t have to talk to anyone or stand in any lines. Click the video below to see what I received in my box.

Alright, now here comes the fun part – tell me what I should keep and what I should return from the options below! The best part about this is that Stitch Fix waived my styling fee this time so while I have so many great contenders to keep I don’t feel like i HAVE to keep it anything if I don’t want to.

  1. The Navy Trousers & the Black/White blouse – I love the fit of the trousers and almost wish they sent it in a different color since I have a very similar pair that I still fit into (haha!) The blouse looks really good (i think) even though my first instinct when I pulled it out of the box was that I was not a fan of the banded bottom. I think I could pair it with black trousers or a skirt as well. With it being so neutral and such a classic piece I really cannot go wrong with it.
  2. The Polka Dot ruffle neck blouse – I own at least three other polka dot shirts but this one has a really great fit! The fabric is so amazing and the feminine details with the ruffles and the little gold buttons are just perfect! As basic as it looks I think this is another one that is super versatile!
  3. The Blue printed blouse –  I loved this one as soon as I pulled it out of the box. My stylist truly knows how much I love the movement of a good flowy fabric. Not to mention how forgiving that is on all of the curves that you don’t want to show too 😉
  4. The peach cardigan – Spring is coming!!!! The weather is finally warming up and the color of this cardigan is perfect for the upcoming warmer days and cool nights. It goes really well with the blue top and I paired it with my white jeans (less than $25) from old navy and switched out my red pumps for these wedges that I love!

    Alright friends, help a girl out and let me know which items are keepers and which ones need to go back! If I keep all 5 I get an additional 25% off the price of the entire box. So sometimes the math just makes it more sensible to keep the whole box (twist my arm ;)) I have until this weekend to send the returns back in the pre-addressed package they send for the returns. Literally cannot be any more convenient than this! If you have not tried it yet and want to try something new to refresh your wardrobe give it a shot here!



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