Sailaja Joshi – Woman Owned Wednesday

SomervilleCoverFINAL-1.jpgAfter a long sabbatical from writing one of my favorite pieces for Wine and Onesie, we are back with a woman that I have been wanting to feature for a while! She caught my eye on one of the mom groups that I am a part of. Sailaja Joshi, CEO and Founder of Bharat Babies, saw a gap in the work of kid’s literature and went out and created a bridge for it. I have never met Sailaja but in my brief interactions with her, she comes across as a confident go-getter who is not afraid to take on the world to achieve the goal she sets out for herself. So affable and easy to speak with, what intrigued me the most about her was her passion for the work she does.

JoshiFamily-54In reading and researching about Sailaja and her endeavor, what stood out to me was how this idea was born and then taken to fruition. She is a self-professed avid reader and when she was pregnant with her first and preparing her baby registry, she could not find books that had the same multi-cultural dimension that her baby would grow up in, here in the US. I can empathize with Sailaja in that because every time my parents visits and asks what we would like for our kids, my first request has always been for books that depict the Indian culture.

Greenhalgh_161201_0847I have so much respect for Sailaja because when she came across this problem, she addressed it by creating a solution that impacts so many people such as myself positively! She created “Bharat Babies”. Bharat Babies was formed with a simple mission in mind – to design and produce developmentally appropriate books that tell the stories of India’s heritage for children from birth through elementary school. Sailaja’s goal is to create diverse literature for the diverse world that we live in and are raising our kids in. Their book focuses on putting out multicultural content that features protagonists of color. My favorite is “Padmini Is Powerful”. My wish for Sailaja and Bharat Babies is that books with multicultural heroes become more normalized and easily available and it is not such a challenge to find age appropriate books for teaching our kids life lessons by way of a fun.

Since 2014, the company has bootstrapped the funding to produce nine books across four product categories. If you want to read more about Sailaja and Bharat Babies, follow her on facebook and Instagram.

Diverse kid literature is definitely something that our world needs with how diverse this melting pot of cultures that we live in is. From a book worm mom that is constantly looking for books that speak to my boys about our rich Indian heritage, I truly appreciate all that Sailaja and Bharat Babies is doing to make strides in the world of literature! So fortunate that our paths crossed when they did and happy to have been able to feature this WOW woman on our blog.





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