Top 10 Work Wear Classics

I know I have been promising to write about my journey back to work and it is definitely one that is in the pipeline. Today’s top ten post is my work outfit capsule with the top ten staples that all you working gals should have in your work arsenal. Obviously, as weather changes, the staples may vary but most of these are classic all year around pieces. The jacket and sweater may go on the back shelf for a little bit to be traded in for something else more weather appropriate but it also might be the right time to snag these when they are on great deals right now.

(**This post may contain some affiliate links**)

  1. I have had my trench for way too many years to be able to find the exact one. I think I bought mine at Target several years ago and I use it extensively for work and for when I am dressed up nice and need a layer in the spring months or early fall months. There are a couple that are on great sales right now – this one in the classic khaki color is already sold out but this one is available and I really like the blush color. This one from A New Day at Target is on clearance for less than $15!!!
  2. Your dress wardrobe is incomplete if you don’t own at least one nice Sheath Dress. White House Black Market has some great deals on their work wear going on right now and I saw some on there for less than $40. At almost 60% off and 4% back in Ebates, it is a great way to purchase a dress that you can style with a blazer if your work has a more formal dress code or just wear as is.  When you get one that is reversible and both sides look as nice as this one does for less than $50, then that is basically a win!
  3. Regardless of the weather outside, I somehow always need a Sweater or a cardigan.img_1511.jpg For the days when the air is on super cold in the office in the summer and to layer when it is cold outside. I have more sweater than I will confess to owning but a staple crew neck or V neck goes a long way in adding one more element of style and detail to your work outfit.
  4. As far as accessories go, a classic watch will go a long way. I have a Michael Kors wrap watch that I wear all the time but this new MVMT watch is such a simple style that I think will be versatile with anything you wear.
  5. When I went back to work, a nice chic satchel was high on my list because while I still needed something big enough to carry my laptop I didn’t necessarily want it to be purely functional. It has to look good while serving its purpose :). I have a jet setter Michael Kors that fits my laptop and everything else and have eyed this tote for a really long time. If I didn’t already have another brown tote that works really well, I probably would have bought this Madewell tote a long time ago. I also really like the Hearth and Hand tote that is available at Target. They recently released a couple more colors of the same style.
  6. img_9724-e1522884078962.jpgShoes, Shoes and more shoes! This is probably my most favorite part about shopping because no matter what happens to your body size through motherhood, your shoe size (usually) never betrays you! Make sure you have a nice pair of pumps. The 2 must haves are a nude and a black pair so you can pair it with your skirts, dresses and pants. I recently passed on this Vince Camuto pumps and they have been haunting me in my sleep (must go back for them). I also own a really comfortable pair of black pumps from BCBG and they are the perfect heel height.
  7. At least one pair of dark jeans  is a must! My go to pair in the cooler months is the skinny jeans since I am usually in boots with my jeans tucked into it but I also LOVE a good pair of boot cuts. As far as jeans go, I always say find a fit that flatters your body shape and don’t feel the pressure to follow a trend if you are not comfortable in it.
  8. Same for a nice pair of trousers. I like mine to be fitted with a tapered leg but have also worn more of a straighter leg fit trouser as well. It is all about what looks good on your body shape. A nice pair of black slacks are a must have in your closet. If you are just getting back into the workforce or out there on the hunt for your perfect first job, a nice fitted black trouser with a black blazer or a neutral sweater is a great wardrobe staple to own.
  9. If you are not comfortable in heels and need something more conducive to long hours standing or have to walk a whole lot, then make sure you own a pair of comfortable yet stylish flats. I have been eyeing the Rothy’s but they are definitely a splurge and in the meanwhile these semi- Rothy dupes from Old Navy are on my list to purchase. These mustard point toe ballet flats are a great pop of color to keep my feet comfy and yet trendy looking.
  10. How can I end this post without talking about at least a few nice shirts that I like to have as staples. A simple striped shirt that you can wear under a blazer or a sweater or just like that too. But if you are looking for something different and stylish, this peplum top and poplin tie front top made me stop and add to my cart before moving on with preparing this list for you all.

Part of the fun of going back to work was being able to refresh my work wardrobe too. It had been neglected far too long. While I don’t get to “dress” up for work very often, it is still more than when I was on sabbatical. Clearly, I will take any reason to engage in some retail therapy. Hopefully these were helpful to you and you will share with us what you thought of this post!

– Mamta



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