Fashion Friday!

If you have been following us on Facebook and Instagram, you probably know that I walked past and did a double take when I saw these super cute booties at Nordstrom. Safe to say that I spent an obscene amount of time thinking about them and figuring out if I could order them and just gloss away the fact that yes, yes I do need another pair of shoes. Doesn’t everybody?

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.11.40 PM

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Well, didn’t take too much time for me to factor in the free shipping, free returns logic and order them online because had I waited to go back to the store there is no way that I would have them sitting on the top shelf of my shoe closet waiting to be worn. That’s right, people! They are here and I love them so much that I am dedicating a whole Fashion Friday post on ways to style them!


I couldn’t possibly wait to change or put on any makeup to try them on so the first picture is literally seconds after I opened the package and slipped them on. I sent this picture to Charu and her first question was why my eyes looked so terribly dark. Well, refer to my aforementioned comment of how you get to see my no makeup self because I was too excited to dress up for a picture. Also, I am kinda hoping that you only notice the shoes and not the sleep deprived eyes 😉


AMAZING shoes | Jeans | Top |Nail Paint

I think they are such a chic casual pair that immediately adds great oomph to the most causal of outfits too. I am wearing them today with my skinny jeans, tshirt and hoodie and it looks just as good!


AMAZING shoes | Jeans | Hoodie |

I did want to try it with something other than skinnies and decided to give it a shot with one of my denim skirts. It was cold outside but hey sometimes you got to get a little change of scenery and the shades took care of the raccoon eyes. You could just as easily pair it with shorts and your favorite tee and throw on a hoodie for those cooler spring/summer nights. If you are eyeing my wreath on the door there check out my tutorial for making it yourself here.


Once again, AMAZING shoes | Bag |Skirt |Tee |Necklace | Sunglasses

It was super cold and I ran back in to change into something more weather appropriate but one of these days Mother Nature will give us Spring back, right? Maybe after this one last weekend of snow. Tell us what you think of the shoes in your comments below!



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