Nitika Nautiyal – Women Owned Wednesday

One of the perks of being a mom is that I get to meet some awesome women who are doing an amazing job raising their kids while conquering the world! I met one such amazing woman, Nitika Nautiyal, thanks to my daughter. Nitika’s son and my daughter play together at the park. In my professional … Continue reading Nitika Nautiyal – Women Owned Wednesday


Kanika Mittal – Woman Owned Wednesday

This week’s WOW woman is Kanika Mittal. She is the Founder and CEO of Taula Jewelry, a Singapore based company providing women with greater accessibility to affordable, high-quality luxury. From India, to Chicago and now to Singapore, her journey has been one of ‘listening to her heart’ and having the grit and determination to follow … Continue reading Kanika Mittal – Woman Owned Wednesday

Ajanta Chakraborty – Woman Owned Wednesday

This week’s Woman Owned Wednesday (WOW) is especially close to my heart. I am extremely proud and honored to feature my dear friend, Ajanta Chakraborty. Ajanta, along with hubby Vivek Kumar, is the co-founder and President of Bollywood Groove (‘bG’ for us regulars), a Bollywood dance, fitness and education company in Chicago. Ajanta has been dancing … Continue reading Ajanta Chakraborty – Woman Owned Wednesday

Megha Kalia – Woman Owned Wednesday

This week, for Woman Owned Wednesday we are introducing Megha Kalia, Lead Choreographer, Instructor & Artistic Director of NYC Bhangra, another “WOW” woman. She is one of the few women who have pioneered in the male dominated Punjabi folk dance genre to create a brand for herself! When I first introduced her to my then boyfriend and … Continue reading Megha Kalia – Woman Owned Wednesday

Christie Pileggi Neeld – Women Owned Wednesday

Starting this week, we are introducing another new segment on our blog, Women Owned Wednesday, honoring the “WOW” women we know! We know so many amazing women who are killing it out there in different ways. Both Charu and I strongly believe in empowering and being cheerleaders for other women and I feel fortunate that … Continue reading Christie Pileggi Neeld – Women Owned Wednesday