Baby steps…the first one

Starting something new is always so daunting! Of course, it is scary. I have started so many things that did not end being successful, or for that matter even completed. Damn, I am scared of failure (who am I kidding, its soul crushing!).

But the rosy-eyed child inside me, always rises through those fears with her unquenched spirit for trying something new, tells me to try again. She welcomes all the excitement, the daunting hard-work, and everything else that will also still need to be managed in the real world.

So here we go….giving in to the child in us that is telling us to persist – friends and friends of their friends, Mamta and I are embarking on a journey to start our lifestyle & parenting blog. Yes, yes, one more… so why are we different? We are women who left the country we were born in to move to another we would call home. We found successful careers and love in this beautiful country. We are now moms raising our children in a culture different from the one we were raised in.

Our challenges are very different to what our parents faced. We do not have the support system and the value model we were raised in, around us. We live in a much different world – an ever changing political scene, fast changing technology, climate change… the list is endless. As a result, we need to learn, improvise and adapt very unlike our parents. We are also extremely ambitious and “want” to have it all. And this is how, we are going to make it different (of course we will talk in bullet points, we are/were consultants, old habits die hard):

  • We do not claim to have all the answers (cause really no one does….we are all just learning on the job)
  • We promise to keep it real! In this day and age of social media and filtered pictures, we tend to lose the lens on reality. It may not always be pretty (like the days with no showers and when I haven’t had a chance to run a brush through my hair) but it will always be real and relate-able!
  • While we are really good at many things, we are also not so good at everything. So if there is anything you like, we would love to share it with the larger audience.
  • We will pass on the “wisdom” from our rich culture (and there is lots). We are also extremely open to whatever is out there in the world to know
  • No topic is off-limits
  • This is not a “women-only” or “mother-only” blog. Of course as women and mothers, we have a lot to share/talk about, but this is way more than that.
  • Lastly, we want you to know, you are not alone! As a parent and professional, there are many things you go through life, we hope to lend a helpful hand in those life situations and learn from you along the way!

Good luck to us!

Mamta and Charu